Precision Aircraft Solutions: Trailblazing the Next Generation of Freighter Conversion

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Gary J. Warner, President
In recent years, the world of cargo airlines is witnessing a steady decline in the demand for wide-body airliner models, and a continuous surge in the use of narrow-body models, especially the Boeing 757-200. Two key reasons behind this shift are the wide availability and great operational functionalities of the Boeing 757-200 aircraft. The narrow-body airliner exhibits an impeccable coverage range with both transatlantic and transcontinental reach and better takeoff performance. This gives cargo airliners the ability to operate even in high elevation airports with low air density and high ambient temperature.

Adjacently, most passenger airlines are choosing wide-body over narrow-body airlines today, leaving behind a trail of Boeing 757-200s for cargo airliners to acquire and convert. In light of these trends, cargo airline operators need a technology partner that not just has considerable knowledge about the logistics realm but also understands the intricacies of freighter conversions. One such maven is Precision Aircraft Solutions, a leader in aircraft modification for cargo airline operators. Headquartered in Beaverton, OR, the company converts the Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft into the next generation of the freighter and the combi (passenger + freighter) airlines for cargo operators like ShunFeng (SF) Airlines, DHL, Air China Cargo, and ATI.

Precision Aircraft Solutions had started its operations in 2001 as an undertaking of Erickson Inc. Back then, the company was called Precision Conversions and had earned their stripes as an expert for engineering, prototyping, and certifying 757-200 passenger-to-freighter conversions. Using the latest design technology and improved original type certificate, the company had built its flagship product, 757-200PCF (Precision Conversions Freighter), which was the first 15-pallet narrow-body freight airliner in the cargo airlines market. Traversing almost two decades, today, Precision offers its conversion expertise, complemented by a holistic approach and an array of integrated aircraft services. They incorporate feedback from flight owners, operators, and both ground and in-flight crews to offer innovative features such as self-contained, overboard service lavatory to reduce the overall flight weight and an open cockpit for spacious flight crew quarters.
Gary J. Warner, president of Precision Aircraft Solutions, says, “Our supplemental type certificate (STC) helps us to determine not just the 757-200 modifications but also how the modification affects its original design.”

Underpinning Warner’s statement, Precision Aircraft Solutions’ engineers are continually striving to maximize the utility, service life, revenue potential, and residual value of the Boeing 757-200. Recently, one of its Chinese customers witnessed a staggering year-on-year revenue growth using Precision’s 757-200PCF fleet.

Our supplemental type certificate (STC) helps us to determine not just the 757-200 modifications but also how the modification affects its original design

Precision Aircraft Solutions takes a consultative approach to understand the technical challenges, global regulatory needs, and customer’s expectations for maximum utility at affordable, on-ramp pricing. Based on the customers’ requirements, the company offers full-integration engineering services for a variety of aircraft. Precision also provides design, substantiation, certification, fleet support, and technical publications, along with total logistical management of each client’s manufacturing, assembly, and installation needs. Presently, the company is performing freighter and combi conversions for freight airlines owners and operators in North and South America, Europe, Africa, India, and China.

Warner credits the strong engineering capability of the company for its roaring success over the past decade. The company’s depth of experience and breadth of skill translates to lesser stress and significant savings for every client. Above all, the quality response, quick turnaround time, economical pricing, and scalable solutions are making Precision a leading choice for airlines, OEMs, leasing companies, and maintenance, repair, and operating suppliers around the globe.

Precision Aircraft Solutions

Beaverton, OR

Gary J. Warner, President

Precision Aircraft Solutions is an international leader in aircraft modification, based in Beaverton, OR. The company has earned their stripes as Precision Conversions, converting the Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft to freighter and combi configurations for the likes of SF Airlines, DHL, Air China Cargo, and ATI. Today Precision offers more resources to leverage assets and raise returns. Not only does the company find and purchase aircraft, but they also engineer, integrate, design, certify, and support every repair, change, and innovation desired. From structures to systems, kitting to conversions, inside the plane or out—if it can be done, Precision Aircraft Solutionscan do it