PrecisionPoint Software: Reshaping BI Tools around MS Dynamics

Andrew Mennie, CEO
Today’s CIOs are constantly battling with the ever-growing challenges in the MS Dynamics arena—provision for cross-functional integrated business reports and multiple delivery options like cloud and on-premise deployments. Further, the demand for consumption of data on users’ preferred interface also adds to their woes. Coming to the rescue is PrecisionPoint, a company reframing the delivery of Business Intelligence (BI) tools used for Dynamics. “We take away the headaches and costs of data aggregation and integration, enabling CIOs to offer a wide range of analysis tools to their customers,” extols Andrew Mennie, PrecisionPoint CEO. The company devised the PrecisionPoint approach to cost-effectively work across Dynamics NAV and AX. “The strength of our company is in our understanding of Dynamics’ data structures and the financial accuracy of data in our warehouse,” adds Mennie.

The firm delivers its software as managed service, either on-premise and cloud, and takes responsibility. PrecisionPoint provides tools essential for the AX market through either a configurable interface to add data from external systems to AX or a customization tool for warehouse extension. Importantly, the company offers the same breadth of functional content for both NAV and AX. “At a functional level we provide a comprehensive financial data warehouse as well as inventory, sales, production or manufacturing content,” asserts Mennie. As Microsoft changes its proposition for each market, PrecisionPoint also brings changes to its offerings including the adoption of SQL Server Enterprise within the AX customers.

PrecisionPoint solutions are compatible with clients’ existing Dynamics strategy. By making its solution content rich and extendable, the company has a firm foothold in the Dynamics space.

Customers will benefit from our reconciled BI warehouse that enables user extendibility and external data integration

“Our strategy is to adopt any Microsoft technology that helps us enhance our offerings,” adds Mennie. Its Dynamics data warehouse solution adds value to enterprises, irrespective of their front-end BI tools.

PrecisionPoint enables the C-suite to get a complete picture of all the workflows and operations taking place in the business every day. AB Vista was struggling with reporting issues: Reporting based on user requirements; ability to see trends overtime; production of one-off reports without having to engage costly developers. PrecisionPoint addressed their problems. “It allows us to get information out of Dynamics AX without having to rely on developers every time we want to produce a one-off company report” explains Nick Robinson, Financial Controller, AB Vista.

With a unique business warehouse, PrecisionPoint is providing a fast track for its clients to accelerate their BI systems using the firm’s data model, extending their data model across additional areas of the Dynamics source data, adding various applications to facilitate data extension both vertically and horizontally. The firm’s solution aims to provide flexibility and extendibility according to their clients’ changing business needs in relatively tough global markets. “Customers will benefit from our reconciled BI warehouse that enables user extendibility and external data integration,” concludes Andrew.

PrecisionPoint Software

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Andrew Mennie, CEO

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PrecisionPoint Software