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Joseph Pitman, CEO-EAM Service Division
Fortune 1000 manufacturing company with multiple sites across the U.S. embarked on a preventive maintenance (PM) journey with LEAN Maintenance initiatives to improve their maintenance and reliability across the enterprise.

Each of the company’s sites developed their own PM strategy, based mainly on the OEM manuals. To further complicate matters, the sites operated in silos with little communications between each other. Each site internally tried to cope with the challenges that were hurting the business.

Finally, the company arranged a workshop and brought in Predictive Service to implement its PM Optimization methodology. After only a short time, the team was able to drive out over 2500 labor hours from the PM schedule. This labor savings greatly reduced the overall work order backlog for the company and saved dollars.

How was this achieved? “Education is vital in the EAM space,” believes Joseph Pitman, CEO, Predictive Service EAM Service Division. Being in the EAM space for more than 25 years, Mr. Pitman realizes that companies have made a transition to using technology such as Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in their overall EAM strategy but the engineering, maintenance, and operations teams are often in the dark when it comes to how to utilize the systems properly.

Predictive Service takes a new approach in EAM where the focus is on every business component including business processes, data, technology, and training. The idea it employs is to identify performance gaps with people, processes, technology, and assets. Predictive Service identifies these gaps by using empirical data collected through a Reliability Snapshot analysis that measures the status of the maintenance and reliability program.

Once discovered, the experts at Predictive Service help clients to identify improvement actions that can be easily executed in just a few weeks or months.The optimization plan revolves around benchmarking the performance of the personnel and the equipment against industry standards such as ISO 55000 and building KPIs and metrics for recommending corrective actions that support asset sustainability.

Our focus is to provide our clients with the right data, the right configuration, and the right training for EAM

“Our focus is to provide our clients with the right data, the right configuration, and the right training for EAM,” says Pitman.

At the heart of Predictive Service’s EAM strategy sits the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) – a database that holds the data of an organization’s assets, inventory, labor, and maintenance activities – which it uses extensively in ensuring business continuity. It offers standards-based business and technical solutions to ensure reliability, predictive maintenance, enhanced resource utilization, and cost savings across the asset lifecycle. Mr. Pitman says, “Essentially, we help our customers streamline and simplify their approaches for the CMMS and Reliability.”

Additionally, Predictive Maintenance (PdM) activities can be done by Predictive Service’s licensed and compliance-certified staff onsite or remotely through infrared inspections, vibration monitoring, ultrasound testing, motor testing, and oil analysis.

Predictive Service brings process data from across the enterprise in one single window through ViewPoint, a web and mobile-based software application. Through ViewPoint, the process data can be viewed and shared across the sites for instantaneous benchmarking of the processes and equipment.

These solutions have been extensively used by companies in various industries; manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, power & utilities, and hospitality & facilities to manage their assets in the most economical fashion. Predictive Service successfully delivers high service levels to each of their clients and this is probably the reason why they are one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

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Joseph Pitman, CEO-EAM Service Division

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