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Michael Harris, President & CEO
As leading software practitioners gathered around the stage at the 27th IEEE Software Technology Conference held in 2015, Michael Harris, the President and CEO of PREMIOS presented his “Value Visualization Framework (VVF)” proven theory. Based on the recent launch of Harris’s new book, “The Business Value of Software”, the session centered on ‘how providing IT with the economic data for software development initiatives can lead to improved decision making.’ The session saw Harris sharing his fivestep strategy that promotes collaboration between the business units and the IT functions, in order to prioritize projects based on their value. This is the same framework that PREMIOS leverages to deliver their Software Development and Measurement services for financial organizations. Harris says, “Born out of the merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group back in 2007, PREMIOS is a global provider of high-value software development services.” PREMIOS’s services cover the entire software development lifecycle and comprise measuring and developing software, and consulting on software and team best practices.

To achieve both the business and economic value goals of an ITFM software development initiative, it is imperative that the business units and IT collaborate to define the values that each party is held accountable for, to monitor the progress. But on the contrary, organizations today are at a significant disadvantage by not taking economic data into the picture while making decisions during any phase of their software development lifecycle. By offering software development services that enable organizations to maximize the value of their software, PREMIOS allows them to create a realistic roadmap which includes timelines and costs and track the associated success or challenges in the process of transforming their organization from a legacy-based system to a digital-first firm. The firm leverages VVF, which enables stakeholders to jointly set goals, make data-based decisions and measure against those goals. “Although the savings may vary, one thing is certain; organizations will save money on their software development costs by implementing this process,” informs Harris. The firm’s business-first philosophy ensures that an organization’s custom software development addresses the customer needs, both internally and externally.

Although the savings may vary, one thing is certain; organizations will save money on their software development costs by implementing the Value Visualization Framework process

PREMIOS assists organizations in moving to quantitative decision making by providing customized sizing expertise for metrics. The firm’s Agile metrics gives organizations with quantitative insights into the cost and value delivered by projects, programs, and portfolios. Further, the methodology also provides quantifiable insights for estimation, and evaluation of projects and deciding on which ones to do within a portfolio or product line. Harris explains, “Leveraging non-relative size measures, such as Function Points, Function Point Lite, and Early and Quick Function Points provides organizations with a means to gain enterprise-wide data-driven insights.” The firm’s Function Point Analysis (FPA) technique provides the ability to accurately size software as a management and control technique for successful project delivery.

Further, PREMIOS offers consulting on measuring and maximizing the business value of software including architecture assessments geared for digital transformation, M&A software due diligence, and Agile Team Jumpstart. “The PREMIOS consulting team helps clients to implement team best practices, like leadership training, which includes leadership performance, TMMi Professional Qualifications classes, and Agility Health Radar Team Assessments,” states Harris.

Being a service-based company primarily, PREMIOS is working on productizing its solutions and services. Having partnered with companies such as Mulesoft and Dell Boomi, the firm implements an API process that is sustainable for the long run and aims to leverage microservices environments to integrate ITFM systems in the near future.

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Michael Harris, President & CEO

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