PresentiGO: Accelerating Sales with Interactive Presentations

Ivan Hruska, Head of Marketing
As the corporate world doubles in size, CIOs are hunting for new ways to stand out from the rest by adding a unique factor that helps grab the attention of their potential customers. Ivan Hruska, Head of Marketing, PresentiGO, a provider of sales management tool, believes in equipping sales teams with best tools and vesting full focus on quality over quantity—in terms of presentations shared to their clients. According to Hruska, the value derived out of a single full-fledged presentation for any case is much higher than that from 50 different lackluster presentations, one for every customer. The Boston, MA based company, PresentiGO assists sales and marketing teams to create interactive presentations to engage clients and boost sales. “We enable clients to create a complete and business responsive presentation with menus, active 3D models and input fields,” explains Hruska.

Among the company’s prime offerings is its 3D presentation software that works with 3D CAD models of the clients’ products. “The way we work with CAD models allows users to zoom, pan, tilt, rotate, highlight parts and even disintegrate the models into individual parts,” asserts Hruska. This allows sales managers to portray the specifications and advantages of their products. Sales representatives can access these presentations from anywhere on their own devices. Further, PresentiGO helps organizations to track and analyze the performance of every sales manager or representative to identify the best performer. “Our clients can therefore identify the best practices and continually educate the whole team,” points out Hruska.

Additionally, the PresentiGO platform, another offering from the company, provides a number of tools and utilities such as advanced sales metrics and real-time reporting to ensure the effectiveness of sales materials. It helps customers’ marketing department to send the updated documents and presentations to the sales team. “Our platform works as a document management system, making sure that everybody is using the newest version of documents,” elucidates Hruska. The dashboard also allows individual managers to view how the presentations are being used to help them make the necessary changes.

We enable clients to create an interactive and responsive presentation to engage their customers

The company is known for providing competitive advantage to its clients by addressing their impediments and innovating ways to visualize their products. “We are not just graphic agents creating content for customers but also have business consultants that understand their pain points,” asserts Hruska.

Moreover, the company focuses on keeping the platform open to other parties as well. “The input format for our presentations is PowerPoint, which all business users are used to. Therefore, changes can be done directly by the marketing departments or creative agencies.” explains Hruska.

PresentiGO proudly serves a number of esteemed clients by helping them increase overall sales. For instance, Jetset Magazine that provides content on travel, lifestyle, and real estate wanted to create a sophisticated 3D presentation, highlighting the content they provide to gather leads at a trade show. PresentiGO helped them create an animated 3D presentation where the leads could be gathered using an input forum and enacted field. “We created a presentation that helped them collect dozens of leads to important business partners at the trade show,” delineates Hruska.

The firm aims to bring innovations to its current product portfolio—the ability to view the presentations from PresentiGO’s application as well as from web browsers and provide more data on dashboard for enhanced visibility. Further, the company plans to enhance the current robust API capabilities (OAUTH2) by integrating other web services, such as Zappier. “Business wise, we want to establish our presence in Western Europe, Asia, and South American region and become a truly global partner for our clients” concludes Hruska.


Boston, MA

Ivan Hruska, Head of Marketing

Provides sales management tools for making responsive presentations to accelerate sales