Presidio: Enabling a Virtual Work Environment

Bob Cagnazzi, President & CEO
The growing demand for remote access and virtualization— powered by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, is presenting a new set of challenges for enterprises around user experience. Presidio, a leading provider of professional and managed services helps companies address these challenges by deploying Citrix Solutions for desktop virtualization. As a trusted partner of Citrix, Presidio is ideally positioned to deploy desktop virtualization solutions to clients by integrating comprehensive and converged desktop solutions to turn a single device into a user’s virtual desktop, phone, video caller and more, running on the Unified Communications (UC) system in the enterprise data center. “We have the best ecosystem of strategic partners in the industry that provide the innovation in all practical solutions we deliver to our clients,” says Bob Cagnazzi, CEO, Presidio.

Presidio's strategic partnership with Citrix allows them to assist clients in unleashing the true potential of XenDesktop, the flagship product for virtualization of desktop environments and applications. XenDesktop supports the seamless access to virtual apps and data from any device including remote PCs through a scalable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Presidio offers the solution in the form of XenDesktop on the unified FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) platform that allows clients to leverage a host of benefits such as single console manageability across hybrid cloud environments for an improved user experience. The solution is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) and is listed in the common criteria for evaluation to meet the security protocols of highest standard for all regulated industries.

With the powerful set of solutions, Presidio has demonstrated success for clients in a cost effective manner without compromising on the demand for agility and productivity. The successful track record has won them many clients across verticals. A case in point is Atlanta Public Schools (APS), a group of educational institutions that enrolls over fifty thousand students in hundred schools.

We have the best ecosystem of strategic partners in the industry that provide the innovation in all practical solutions we deliver to our clients

APS was challenged by a patchwork of its own endpoint devices, myriad Microsoft Office versions and bandwidth constraints that impacted the performance of several video and graphics apps. In addition to mitigating the problems, APS sought to achieve objectives such as delivering apps online to conduct performance assessment tests for students, improving the performance of each app by avoiding the routing of data through the local area network, simplifying the upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 and replacing several endpoint devices. Unfazed by the complexity of the project, Presidio stepped in and gave their client a patient hearing. After rigorous analysis of the client requirements and the objectives, Presidio demonstrated a superior performance for video apps offered through XenDesktop 7. The virtualization solution allowed APS to enjoy secure access to Office 365 tools, files and documents stored in the enterprise data center securely on APS issued iPads and personal BYO devices.

Success stories like these are among the many laurels won by Presidio from their clients. In recognition of their commitment and dedication to serve customers with the best of solutions, Presidio has won the prestigious Citrix North America Partner of the Year Award, multiple times. While accepting the honors with all humbleness, Presidio has set their targets for improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction. By making all the right moves, the company is well on its path to reach the pinnacle of success.


New York, NY

Bob Cagnazzi, President & CEO

Provides Citrix based end user compute solutions for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure