Presidio [NASDAQ: PSDO]: Simplifying IT Complexity to Accelerate Business Success

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Bob Cagnazzi, CEO
With the rapid expansion of technologies and the need for continuous change in business, many organization are putting IT teams at task to ‘transform’ their business for better collaboration with customers, business partners as well as employees. However, a successful transformation comes with responsibilities such as reducing the overall investments, delivering streamlined IT processes, and adhering with the ever-growing complex regulatory and compliance requirements. Often, IT teams are burdened with the amount of work required for a successful transformation. Helping IT teams as well as organizations in their quest to transform is Presidio, a Cisco partner. It is a leading IT solution provider that assists the organizations in harnessing technological innovation and simplify IT complexity to transform their businesses digitally and drive return on IT investment. With comprehensive knowledge of modern technologies and a broad portfolio of services and solutions offered, Presidio enables organizational success by focusing on accelerating technology adoption, improve risk management and security, and boost IT productivity and service quality.

Presidio’s digital infrastructure, business analytics, cloud, security, and emerging solutions enable their 7,000 middle markets, government, as well as enterprise clients, getting the benefit of omnichannel customer experience models, new digital revenue streams, and complete data insights generated by customer interaction model. Their mission is to enable the clients to create economic value from digital transformation via developing, implementing, and managing cloud-based, agile, and secure IT solutions. Presidio delivers this technology expertise through a comprehensive lifecycle model of professional, managed, and support services, which includes formulating strategy, consultation, design, and implementation.

Staying at the cusp of technological innovation, Presidio ensures to provide best-of-breed solutions to their clients. From national financial institutions to local governments, the company collaborates with all in their journey to transform. Amongst many of Presidio’s client testimonials, one is Huntsville School District, in Arkansas, USA. The task at hand for Presidio was to provide Wi-Fi on school buses for students to do their homework on long commutes, build an app for parents to confirm their children are on the bus.

Recognition from Cisco highlights the breadth and depth of Presidio’s capabilities, such as our ability to serve customers across sectors, nationwide, and our full lifecycle support in key areas like security and financing

Lastly, connect the entire communications network to fleet management and emergency services. Cisco partner Presidio led the build of Connected Bus architecture to help create the network. As a result, precise GPS tracking of bus location reduced wait time for students, additionally, data analysis lead to more efficient bus routes.

Last year, Presidio was recognized as Enterprise Partner of the Year during the Cisco Partner Summit Global Award. “It gives me great pleasure to recognize Presidio, who continues to demonstrate superior performance and drive value for our customers. They demonstrate superior leadership and innovation to help enterprises solve complex problems,” said Oliver Tuszik, senior vice president, Global Partner Organization, Cisco. “It’s an honor to present the Global Enterprise Partner of the Year award to Presidio in recognition of its outstanding achievement in helping customers respond to their business challenges.” Apart from it, Presidio won other awards, Area Partner of the Year: East, Cisco Capital Partner of the Year, and Public Sector Partner of the Year: Cyber Security and more. “We’re honored to be named Global Enterprise Partner of the Year and receive several other recognitions from Cisco that highlight the breadth and depth of Presidio’s capabilities, such as our ability to serve customers across sectors, nationwide, and our full lifecycle support in key areas like security and financing. These awards are another important milestone in building our reputation as a trusted advisor,” said Bob Cagnazzi, CEO, Presidio.


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Bob Cagnazzi, CEO

Founded in 2003, Presidio is a leading provider of IT solutions, focused on Digital Infrastructure, Business Analytics, Cloud, Security & Emerging solutions. The company helps clients in harnessing technology innovation and simplifying IT complexity to digitally transform their businesses. Their solutions enable almost 7,000 middle market, enterprise, and government clients to take advantage