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With the increase in interest to invest and trade, investing in financial markets and trading currencies has become the norm. The availability of online trading and live data has only empowered people to take control of their own money. But this situation has invoked an increasing need for stock advisory tools which work in both bull and bear markets. However, in the last few years there has been a significant change in the stock advisory market causing large banks to either abolish or shrink their advisory operations due to new regulatory requirements. Addressing this issue, priceSeries, an algorithmic trade identification company based in Silicon Valley, is providing its clients with excellent trade research for US markets.

Founded by a team of engineers with passion and experience in trading for over 20 years, priceSeries has helped them to fill the voids they observed in their own trading process. Thus, by leveraging the domain and technical expertise of its members, priceSeries has successfully delivered products that help customers navigate easily through the market. “With most tools, people are recommended to buy or sell equity and expect the trader to be savvy enough to manage the trades. As most of the traders struggle with trade management, we decided to hand-hold the trader from entry to exit of a trade, even with suggestions of daily stop-loss values,” says Rajesh Srivastava, founder and CEO of priceSeries, who himself has been an active equities and options trader in the US market.

With the main focus on guiding customers to choose the best possible trade option priceSeries delivers a range of innovative solutions to help the trader develop trust in a trade. With TradeVisor, the company provides its customers with a web-based trade analysis platform which identifies fast moving stocks. The product utilizes advanced algorithms for trade identification on over 4000 US stocks and ETFs. Based on End of the Day Analysis (EoD), TradeVisor is updated every trading day around 7 PM Eastern Time and can be accessed anytime and anywhere using a web browser. Furthermore, with unique statistical indicators such as Reliability Score, Adaptive stop loss, and Top Picks, among others, TradeVisor simplifies a trader’s decision-making process by helping them make quick and accurate decisions.

As most of the traders struggle with trade management, we decided to hand-hold the trader from entry to exit of a trade, even with suggestions of daily stop-loss values

With trading indicators, such as moving average convergence/ divergence (MACD) being one of the most widely used by, the company has also designed an efficient platform for MACD traders to identify and track the best opportunities in S&P500 stocks. MACDVisor for S&P500 is a web-based platform that provides indications of trend changes for S&P500 stocks. The analysis is updated eight times during any trading day and can be easily accessed from desktop and mobile platforms.

Regarding the company’s business ethos, Rajesh says “providing high-value service with utmost sincerity is what keeps our customers with us.” There are a few things that priceSeries takes pride in, such as offering prompt customer service, free trading advice/ discussion with an expert, no upsell of services, and fair billing practices. priceSeries also avoids bombarding their customers’ inbox with daily emails regarding selling services and provides a hassle-free service cancellation process.

In one instance, priceSeries guided a trader in achieving higher success rates in trading. Instead of utilizing a mere tool to analyze stock trends, the customer could effectively leverage the capabilities of priceSeries to obtain stock selection and a successful buy and sell recommendation. priceSeries, continues to invest significantly in adding more innovative products that will address the customer’s concerns regarding any of the trading procedures. Currently, they have achieved a strong customer base in the US, and are looking to expand further into markets across Europe and Asia.


Sunnyvale, CA

Rajesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO and Ibrahim Rahmani, Founding Member

priceSeries is an algorithmic trade identification company that provides trading research for US Markets. They have built their service to provide better trading opportunities and enhanced trade control. They use Machine intelligence to identify trading opportunities in the market. Their approach is to provide full power to traders so that they can take preventive measures when markets move into an adverse direction. TradeVisor takes a hybrid approach to enabling the availability of automated trading signals while still allowing the gut-feel of the trader to take control. They focus on delivering results and look at technology as a tool to drive the results