Princeton Power Systems: Efficient Energy Storage and Management Solutions For Clean Power Generatio

Darren Hammell, Co-founder & CSO
Electrical blackouts and brownouts can have devastating consequences for industry. But the energy management solutions that Princeton Power Systems provides can prevent them. Princeton Power Systems is a New Jersey-based provider of energy management, microgrid operations, and electric vehicle charging technology. Businesses, institutions and communities can contract with Princeton Power Systems for solutions that keep the lights on when the power grid goes dark.

Concern is rising over the impact of storms on the electric grid. Microgrids can come to the rescue. Local microgrids often are set up to support mission-critical resources such as hospitals, assembly lines, or government operations. When the central grid fails, the microgrid disconnects from it, providing the facilities with power from on-site generation.
Microgrids ensure reliable power. But that’s only one of the benefits they offer. Customized energy management systems, such as the ones Princeton Power Systems provides, are like Swiss army knives: they can accomplish a variety of goals at the same time. They can improve the efficiency and performance of the local power grid. They can incorporate their ‘smart inverters’ with renewable energy solutions like solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. They often are developed in conjunction with energy savings measures, such as building performance retrofits and demand response. And they can also pair well with electric vehicle charging stations.

In addition, microgrids can bring power to remote locations not connected to a central grid. Alcatraz Island is a good example.

Alcatraz contracted with Princeton Power Systems to end its dependence on expensive and dangerous diesel generators. Once this site was a famous prison and now the island is a location of a history museum. Initially, a storm severed the island’s electrical connection to the mainland.The island subsequently relied on a large and costly diesel generator. The generator was dangerous to the health of workers on the island, who were exposed to harmful emissions. Princeton Power Systems’ microgrid, combines 307 kilowatts (kW) of solar panels, a 400 kW (two megawatt-hour – MWh) lead acid battery bank, two diesel generators, and its own controllers and inverters to keep the island running.
This cut the fuel consumption of the generator by approximately 80 percent.

Princeton Power Systems is now bringing similar solutions to remote islands in the Caribbean, where electrical generators are often used. Solar power combined with energy storage can save a substantial amount of money for island communities.
Although it is relatively new in the industry, Princeton Power Systems has successfully anchored a promising client base that includes organizations like Alcatraz, L.A. Air Force Base, Nissan, Honda, General Electric, and Scripps Ranch Community Center.

Our power electronic power spares combined with energy efficient Turnkey Batteries helps ensure ceaseless power supply and usage by clients

Princeton Power Systems solutions leverage cutting-edge technology. The power electronic bi-directional inverter, one of the company’s core products, comes in multiple versions and capacities running from 10 kW up to 250 kW (utility- scale). These inverters are combined with lithium-ion batteries. Each distinct battery system is made with a four-terminal architecture.

“For the battery-integrated inverter, we manufacture power electronics and integrate them with batteries made by some of the best manufacturers to deliver ‘turnkey batteries’ to ensure ceaseless power supply for clients,” Hammell said. Princeton Power Systems is a company to watch. It is building efficient energy infrastructure that may have significant impacts on disaster preparedness, blackout prevention, remote power delivery, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging sites in coming years.

Princeton Power Systems

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Darren Hammell, Co-founder & CSO

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