Print Choices: Delivering True Values of MPS

Steve Lu, President
Steve Lu, with over a decade’s worth of in-depth experience in the print ecosystem, has been a keen observer of the changes sweeping across the managed print service (MPS) landscape in the past few years. He comprehends how MPS is being commoditized by its providers to get quick sales from the customer’s predicament. Circumventing the traditional approaches of MPS providers, Lu, President of Print Choices created an avant-garde, flexible, and cost-effective MPS solution that demonstrates the true value of MPS and is customized according to the customer’s print environment and operational needs. In addition, Print Choices has a very streamlined business model and automation which enable them to pass those cost efficiencies to their customers.

Print Choices’ vision of making a difference in the MPS arena has been realized by its three major contributing factors. Foremost, their team constitutes experienced personnel who have prior experience in working with OEMs and distributors and can work with various partners in a better way and suggest the optimal solution to meet the customer’s requirement. Additionally, they have staff that are not from the print arena and thereby understand firsthand the challenges faced by customers across different verticals. The team’s prowess is in combining the IT, document management, printing hardware, and office supply expertise to provide the best solution for their customers. Secondly, the company’s vendor-agnostic approach helps customers to choose the best cost-effective and optimal solution for their print requirements rather than the trending market option. Finally, Lu asserts that their power of providing an efficient MPS relies on the collection of abundant print usage data of the customers through initial and an ongoing assessment of the print environment. Print Choices’ analysis is based on ‘what and how is being printed?’ and the customer’s specific requirements. Based on these distinct parameters, the best vendors and products are proposed by leveraging their successful diverse partnerships with distributors, manufacturers, and service providers.
After carrying out a careful assessment of the organization’s print scenario, Print Choices pioneers the simplification of MPS by customizing their solution according to the customer’s requirements. The efficient analysis enables their team to handle the basic requirements such as supplies fulfillment, nationwide on-site repair, preventive maintenance, and procurement processes. The team of Print Choices also provides their operational support and assists the IT department of the customer’s organization in implementing MPS. In certain scenarios such as the absence of IT department or lack of IT staff, Print Choices can take over the management of printing function on behalf of the companies.

We encourage our customers to print less and print smarter

Lu shares a few anecdotes wherein Print Choices become the trusted consultant to its customers. These customers range from multi-region international company to single location; from retail to healthcare; from complete fleet standardization and optimization to simple supplies fulfillment automation. Lu firmly believes that, with the right MPS partner, every organization, large or small, can all benefit from MPS implementation. Lu added, “It’s a great feeling that when you save customer’s hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in printing cost or when you see they can finally focus on their core business.”

Contemplating the future prospects of Print Choices, Lu states that they are constantly analyzing different prospective ventures and next-generation technologies, like seat-based billing or enhanced security features from OEM to integrate into their solution to give customers the best benefits. On the end note, Lu clarifies, “We only advise our customers what we think will be beneficial to them. We encourage them to print less and print smarter. When they do print, we make sure they have the most cost-effective and efficient output infrastructure.”

Print Choices

Wilmington, DE

Steve Lu, President

Vendor-agnostics MPS and DMS provider focusing on creating cost-effective and efficient print environment

Print Choices