Print Manager: Secure Way to Audit, Scale, and Curb Printing Operations

William Feeley, CEO
While many organizations aspire for a cradle to grave solution that involves tracking, auditing, reporting on their print jobs, the challenge lies in accommodating all these functionalities in a single solution. With the booming phenomenon of cloud computing that has been offering highly flexible feature of anytime and anywhere access to print, organizations are working hands in glove to brave security issues. One firm, Print Manager Inc, caters to this need by offering Print Manager Plus, a revolutionary approach to web-based printing with cloud integration offering greater transparency, control, compliance, and security. “Our product supports and deciphers over hundreds of printer languages to grab relevant data needed for the customer to work under heterogeneous environments,” extols William Feeley, CEO, Print Manager Inc. Known as the next-generation printing solution, while redefining the term Print Management, the Print Manager Plus software offers businesses, unprecedented control, access, and insight the customers’ printing needs while supporting most of the printer languages.

Print Manager unlike other solution providers makes it easy for its customers to accommodate work group and user-based printing, and a number of tangible aspects in terms of the number of copies, the color, and the size varying to any measure. Regardless of the job that runs for a short period of time or an enterprise job printing thousands of jobs per minute, the data is captured instantly and audited in real time to provide customers the exact insights what is being printed. Print Manager further provides web-based, live, and data audit reporting. Additionally, the company also reports on cost of the print job, impacting its environmental costs.

Print Manager proffers web printing and release station, a kiosk which allows users to upload, print, resume, and delete print jobs. This solution is also available on the private cloud thus allowing users the convenience to log into a web-based portal and view and release the print jobs on any hand held device.

Our product supports and deciphers over hundreds of printer languages to grab relevant data needed for the customer to work under heterogeneous environments

This eliminates the use of any kind of proximity cards, or swipe cards making it a cost efficient approach. Users will not have any security concerns as the Print Manager uses an established network authentication resource with secure login features.

One among the many beneficiaries of Print Manger’s offerings, the Millennium Learning Centres (MLC) were serving to 14 different geographically accessible sites to provide free access to computers, internet services, and printers for the residents of Ottawa. MLC was looking to limit the number of pages printed on the various documents, and managing client needs and expectations were exceedingly challenging. MLC’s IT coordinator installed Print Manager at six pilot sites. The Printer configurations were set to monitor print traffic, fix quotas, and ultimately limit the number of pages printed by each client. One year after the implementation, Print Manager software helped MLC reduce the volume of print traffic, paper waste, and ink cartridge usage by over 30 percent and freed the HR department to no longer involve interns and volunteers who were doing ‘police’ printing. “We offer solutions at a considerably less cost than our competition.

Forging ahead with its global expansions across, Africa, Asia and in the Middle-east, the firm plans to integrate with Azure and Office365 to offer its customers a greater printing experience. Print Manager was proud to announce a major achievement in winning the HP JetAdvantage Partner of the Year Award in Sales Excellence 2015.

Print Manager

Menlo Park, CA

William Feeley, CEO

The firm offers scalable and flexible web based printing solutions that drives lower printing costs and offers greater control over access and insight to print data