PrintFleet: Enabling Print Friendly Environment

Chris McFarlane, CEO
Recognizing the value in being able to determine which toners were in demand, Brian Cosgrove, the Founder and Chairman of PrintFleet, hired a small team of developers in early 2002 to create a software system capable of capturing and analyzing that information, as well as other information available from printers and multi-function devices. As the landscape of printing has steadily evolved to be more solution centric, Cosgrove, built the company into a global leader in Managed Print Software Solutions.

Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada PrintFleet has millions of devices monitored via our software and now specializes in the development of solutions designed to realize unprecedented efficiency and significantly reduce economic, social and environmental waste in the imaging industry. From simple device assessment to advanced MPS strategies and processes, PrintFleet provides its customers with a simple, cost effective means to capture and utilize critical print related data.

PrintFleet’s pioneering software has for more than a decade and across tens of thousands of distinct devices accurately and rapidly collected, analyzed and delivered data. “PrintFleet’s solutions ensure our business partners can provide the service and support their customers require,” says, Chris McFarlane, CEO, PrintFleet. “Our comprehensive database of print devices as well as heuristic matching and proprietary algorithms are, we feel, important because it is rare that our customers have a sole product environment and it is only with the assurance of reliable data that our clients can confidently meet their end user demands.”

Our clients choose us just because of our capability of producing and managing useful information

PrintFleet Optimizer, commonly referred to as Enterprise, is the company’s flagship product. “It provides users with a reliable solution capable of generating and supporting a multitude of reports, alerts, and mapping functionality. Stand alone or in conjunction with one another these features can facilitate a proactive consumable fulfillment and service delivery as well as automate the billing process,” says McFarlane.

PrintFleet’s Suite Pro Key, another PrintFleet product, is a fast assessment application which is designed to take ‘snapshots’ of all the connected devices within the printing domain of the enduser. Installed on a USB key, the solution is able to collect a comprehensive set of data including device status, meter reads, toner health, MAC Address, firmware of the system, vendor error codes, serial numbers and manufacturers. A recent addition to the PrintFleet offering is Remote Tech, which provides real-time bidirectional communication to various OEM devices. This option was originally developed in concert with Canon and is unique to PrintFleet.

PrintFleet partners with top global MPS providers including Canon, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, OKI, and Samsung among others to maintain its cutting-edge MPS technology and provide advanced solutions. “One of our clients, Ricoh Germany, chose us for their “Fortune 100” type clients because of our agnostic approach to capturing and delivering information on a broad range of devices which is of course key to the complex fleets of output devices within such large organizations,” explains McFarlane.

“Going forward, PrintFleet is focused on customer service with a view to leveraging our exceptional position within the industry to deliver industrial strength data while reducing the barriers to adoption so that an increasing number of OEM’s, Distributors and Dealers can make money utilizing MPS solutions,” concludes McFarlane.


Kingston, ON

Chris McFarlane, CEO

A software vendor that specializes in the development of print management and assessment software solutions for dealers and distributors in the imaging industry.