PrintReleaf: Eco-Friendly Print Solution Reforesting Every Sheet Printed

Jordan Darragh, Founder and CEO
Technology has helped bring many innovative solutions to consumers around the world. Utilities, healthcare, transport, and many other services rely on technology to function today. However, these measures have proven to be restrictive and not feasible in certain scenarios. PrintReleaf is a provider of a cloud-based solution that achieves this through their innovative platform. “We ensure that clients can offset their paper consumption through reforestation efforts around the world,” says Jordan Darragh, Founder and CEO, PrintReleaf.

The firm’s flagship solution, the PrintReleaf platform leverages the capabilities of the Amazon web services to deliver the solution on a global scale. Collecting data from MPSs around the world, the platform monitors the number of pages printed, and calculates the equivalent number of trees consumed. This information is available to the client through the PrintReleaf platform and the client can then select a reforestation program to offset their consumption. Once configured, the process can run independently without supervision. “We pay attention to the survival rate, the species of the tree, climate, and how biomass will be created through the trees that we are replanting and the effects are all captured on the software platform,” says Darragh. The reforestation efforts are augmented with insights drawn from Global Forest Watch, a service that captures forest cover data through satellite imaging. In addition, the client receives certification from a third-party certifying body, that their consumption has been reforested back. The trees planted through this process will be monitored for 8 years.

PrintReleaf’s solution is designed to be easily integrated into the client’s MPS and does not require any additional hardware, heavy amounts of cloud resources, or administration to function. “Client can get their customers to join through email and this grants an online web-based dashboard to drive the service for them,” says Darragh.

This simple yet commendable effort to reduce the environmental footprint has attracted clients like Tendril Networks into their user base.

Our solution ensures that clients can offset their paper consumption through reforestation efforts around the world

Tendril, a firm that prints home energy reports for utilities for residential and industrial needs, caters to a large number of consumers. The client has to print in large volumes resulting in a large impact on the environment. However, Tendril cannot avoid delivering hard-copies of the reports as it would compromise on its visibility. On integrating the PrintReleaf platform into Tendril’s infrastructure, they were able to reduce the effect on the environment through certified reforestation efforts without compromising on their printing needs.

PrintReleaf credits their satisfaction of their clients like Tendril, to its transparent solution and the innovative approach taken to thwart deforestation. “A lot of solutions out in the market today reduce the amount of pages printed through rules-based printing and other strategies but they can only save about 30 percent of the paper consumed and it cannot be applied in many scenarios,” says Darragh. On the other hand, using PrintReleaf, each tree cut down for paper is accounted for and is replanted in forests almost nullifying the effect.

For the future, PrintReleaf aims to expand and license their underlying API to resellers, third-party platforms, and any other industry that utilizes paper in their products or workflow. These efforts will ensure that MPSs and other enterprise firms take a more environmentally-conscious path into the future.


Denver, CO

Jordan Darragh, Founder and CEO

A firm that reduces the client's environmental impact by integrating them with a network of Global Reforestation Projects to offset the forest consumption