PrintUI: Hosted InDesign Services To Enable Cost Effective Print Solutions

Mark Hilton, President & CEO
The conventional print industry needs massive machinery, mammoth space and many people to manage its capital intensive venture. As business evolves all industries including Print are progressively embracing new technologies to advance and sustain in the marketplace. “Our industry is recognizing that cloud-based services enable printers and print buyers to enter new markets with low capital, providing online convenience, design flexibility, and control over customers’ brand image,” says Mark Hilton, president and CEO of PrintUI. “Cloud-based services provide additional services that were unavailable in the past including convenience, design flexibility, and control over brand image”.

PrintUI offers a highly scalable and secure web-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) for web-to-print and web-to-web using Adobe InDesign templates and Adobe InDesign Server as its composition engine. Based in the outskirts of the Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, CA, PrintUI provides a branded front-end for online customization of InDesign templates for printing consumer applications, such as retail signs, banners and advertisements,personalized stationery, restaurant menus, and more.

Adobe InDesign templates, Adobe InDesign Server, and native In-Design files create a perfect environment for secure, effective online design and production for high value Brand Resource Management

In addition, enterprise marketing departments use PrintUI’s solutions for Brand Resource Management of high value company collateral content.

Expert technologists from Adobe’s InDesign product team have combined nearly four decades of experience in the Print and Publishing industry to lead PrintUI.

“We are designed from the ground up as a cloud-based service with the architecture built on industry standards, and our design tool can operate in an integrated environment, integrating into either the printers existing website or a clients website. InDesign being the de facto standard for the print and publishing industry, we support InDesign for the complete workflow,” says Hilton.

Now boasting more than 50 customer since its launch in 2012, all PrintUI solutions presented as a web-hosted SaaS, are payable on a monthly basis. Adobe InDesign templates, Adobe InDesign Server, and native InDesign files create a perfect environment for secure, effective online print design and production. Of the two primary services from PrintUI, the first, rintUI Professional directly integrates the web application into the customer’s website by simple addition of HTML and of server-side programming (such as PHP or .NET). PrintUI Professional can also enhance existing e-Commerce platforms, such as the popular Magento platform. Secondly, EasyPrintUI is a new, turnkey version that gives businesses an affordable, easy to implement branded Web to Print client portal for secure online design and ordering, production and email notification.

There is a PrintUI configuration to meet the needs of every printer, graphic design agency, in-house print service or marketing department. The uniqueness about the PrintUI application is the quality control for end-users while they add graphics to the design. The graphic is preflighted to ensure it will render correctly before addition. Supporting many file types including vector images like EPS, AI, and PDF, each template can be set up to accept only specific file types.

“The print industry has to focus on its role and transition from being the local printer and scale up on tomanaging client assets and workflows.This eventually will be the futurenorm,” sums up Hilton.


Santa Cruz, CA

Mark Hilton, President & CEO

Web-hosted solution provider for web-to-print and web-to-web Brand Resource Management using InDesign templates and InDesign server.