PriorPoint: Powerful, Automated Cloud Computing, and Data Recovery Solutions

Jason A. Casey, CEO
Backup alone is insufficient to protect your vital and complex electronic business documents. Any number of disasters can befall a business, from ruptured water pipes flooding the server room, to a catastrophic fire. “As the saying goes, it’s not if, but when. Sooner or later, you will experience a site level disaster. If your backup data is not safely off-site, recovery may not be possible” says Jason A. Casey, CEO of Priorpoint. Headquartered in Myrtle Beach, SC, Priorpoint offers a fully automated, cost effective, and highly secure Disaster Recovery Service (DRaaS) that leverages the versatility of cloud backup and guarantees rapid and reliable recovery from any data disaster. “By leveraging technologies such as server and desktop virtualization, our cloud based solutions address each customer’s unique business computing and continuity needs,” he adds.

Founded in 1991, Priorpoint has evolved over the years to meet the ever changing needs of its diverse customer base. The company also pioneered the adaptation of “cloud backup” as a service, helping customers leverage their internet investment and dramatically improve their disaster recovery preparedness. Cloud backup, as provisioned by Priorpoint, is purpose built for recovery, focusing on the customer’s unique recovery objectives (RPO/RTO). Fully automated and highly secure, their solution ensures both a local and remote backup is available for recovery around the clock, no matter what the disaster. The ability to store a local copy of the company’s nightly backup is a key benefit. “When combined with our Virtual Recovery Unit, a failed server is recovered to a virtual machine, eliminating the wait for replacement hardware and expediting recovery time,” notes Casey.

In recent years, Priorpoint has expanded its service offerings to include private/semi-private cloud computing and virtualization services, also known as Hybrid Cloud or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
“Having been in the cloud for over a decade, we have a deep knowledge of cloud computing and its unique security concerns; that is why we offer only private or semi-private cloud solutions,” affirms Casey. By dedicating a virtualized network, the company ensures privacy, while at the same time exploiting the economies of a shared physical infrastructure and the freedom to compute anywhere in the world. Many firms sell only out-of-the-box solutions, but Priorpoint crafts infrastructure and storage-as-a-service (IaaS/ SaaS) solutions tailored specifically to the client’s needs. “We offer cloud computing as a hybrid solution and as a managed service. We layer it with best-in-class tools that make us completely unique in the market,” he adds.

The benefits of Priorpoint’s cloud computing services are best exemplified by the recent addition of a quasi-government agency that facilitates inter-governmental cooperation and partnerships with the communities within their region. Lacking sufficient IT resources, the new client was having difficulty managing their geographically dispersed employee desktops, public kiosk PC’s, and file servers (over 100 workstations). Critical data was spread across various networks and personal computers, posing significant data management and security challenges. “We built a hybrid cloud environment with (6) virtual servers, (2) private VLANs and centrally managed desktops accessed remotely via windows terminals and workstations. The entire network and data are now centrally located and securely provisioned while remaining accessible from geographically dispersed locations,” says Casey. The design not only eliminated data sprawl, but had the added benefit of built-in disaster recovery, reduced management, and an improved computing experience for the end user.

Looking forward, Priorpoint seeks to establish itself as a recognized leader in DRaaS and IaaS services making them a prospective customer’s first choice when considering a move to cloud computing. “In the meantime, we will continue to provide best-in-class services provisioned with best-in-class products encapsulated in high-end security,” concludes Casey.


Myrtle Beach, SC

Jason A. Casey, CEO

A company that helps customers leverage their internet investment and dramatically improve their client’s disaster recovery preparedness.