Prism Cloud Consulting: Enabling Secure and Efficient Transformation Journeys

Robin Jerome, Chief Technology Officer
The impact of implementing the right technology within a business is always profound. However, realizing the full potential of a tech stack and gaining the desired ROI is an uphill battle for organizations. This is prompting the business landscape at large to seek partners, that can assist them in building suitable tech-based stacks that satisfy their organization-specific needs without requiring significant investments.

Prism Cloud Consulting addresses these challenges with its end-to-end services suite, possessing the ability to offer the best of both product engineering and technology consulting worlds. Its consulting mindset, combined with the know-how to develop impactful solutions, guides customers in choosing the best-suited technologies to achieve their business goals.

"From defining a technical stack to delivering optimum results, we bring together a unified experience through design thinking sessions and architectural workshops that assist clients in better capitalizing the cloud," says Robin Jerome, Director and CTO of Prism Cloud Consulting.

Through rapid innovation in building cloud-native applications, Prism Cloud Consulting assists business transition to the cloud through highly relevant and intuitive design-thinking workshops and product development frameworks. It enables clients to better understand their product specifications, suitable tech stacks, and practical architectural ideas in an end-to-end process. Prism Cloud Consulting also addresses talent shortage issues by assigning a highly-skilled team of IT specialists to directly engage with client personnel. This team integrates with its in-house experts to create a hybrid model that highlights a customer's existing capabilities, answers critical questions, and supports efficient digital transformation. Prism Cloud Consulting's latest technology stacks allow businesses to develop holistic product roadmaps with robust cloud testing and architectural guidance, enabling impactful and timely product launches.

For large enterprises undergoing data migration and modernization, Prism Cloud Consulting follows a step-by-step process where it works with internal teams with deeply-rooted legacy systems and recommends alternative solutions to achieve faster results. Subsequently, the firm drives high-performance cloud capabilities with unmatched scalability through its hybrid model.

Prism Cloud Consulting begins every client engagement by detecting different pain points across their cloud adoption journey. This is followed by environment assessments, which thoroughly audits cloud ecosystems to recognize gaps in the existing tech stack. c
The analysis also helps construct a stable infrastructure plan using proficient resources in cloud testing, DevOps, and security. Prism Cloud Consulting then forms a project management team comprising UI and CX designers that manage user experiences, a representative from the client C-suite that approves the product development process, and a technical team that implements the final plan. Jerome and his team refer to this process as a clustering model and highlight its ability to create optimum cloud implementation strategies and deliver the best customer outcomes.

Prism Cloud Consulting also has a dedicated team that combines onshore, offshore, and nearshore capabilities to balance complex business listings and support clients in gaining better control of their product management and pricing processes. It makes architectural and design discussions for clients within a desired location without compromising on modern technologies and systems.

From defining a technical stack to offering optimum results, we bring together a unified experience through design thinking sessions and architectural workshops that assist clients in better capitalizing the cloud

Recently, a small real estate business approached Prism Cloud Consulting to build a cloud platform for property management. The customer struggled in developing the desired solution due to the lack of interconnectivity across various listing services in their region. Prism Cloud Consulting performed deep analytics and integrated the real estate organization's existing listing data into its system to develop custom solutions. It utilized serverless computing technology to markedly reduce the cost of hosting complex integrations and helped them efficiently attain all the required information.

Similar accomplishments are driving Prism Cloud Consulting to offer worldclass solutions and assist clients in navigating the digital transformation journey without experiencing disruptions from the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Prism Cloud Consulting

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Robin Jerome, Chief Technology Officer

Prism Cloud Consulting is a professional consulting company with leading capabilities in Digital Services founded and run by cloud architects. With over 25 years of experience in the product development and services industry, Prism helps clients—large and small—strategically grow their brands.

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