Private Wealth Systems: Successful Wealth Management through Smarter Reporting

Craig Pearson, CEO
With the increase in expectations of investors to have a consolidated transparent view of their assets to make intelligent decisions, the global financial industry has witnessed transformational changes in recent times. These assets are not simply stocks and bonds but are an array of investment instruments and ownership structures across multiple accounts, banks and managers. In the wake of this, client reporting has, more than ever, become a key differentiator with wealth managers trying to deliver timely, accurate, personalized, and on-demand reports for managing private wealth, and winning the much sought after competitive edge. Enabling wealth advisors to deliver successful investment reporting certainly needs an alliance with an expert like Private Wealth Systems that can put the information at one’s fingertips, facilitating understanding, and active oversight over the drivers of risk, expense, income and return in order to drive better decision making.

“Our proprietary technology, built upon the lessons learned while working with several hundred family offices in eight countries, can take the most complex financial data in the world and transform it into simple, clear, and highly personalized, actionable insights,” says Craig Pearson, CEO of Private Wealth Systems. The organization helps those who manage complex wealth achieve unprecedented access to an instantaneous and in-depth knowledge of their total wealth, elevating informed conversations among investors and their advisors to enable relevant options for building and preserving wealth. Private Wealth Systems prides itself on its rapid development and release cycle, providing the ability to react fast to evolving market conditions in multiple jurisdictions. Their private-cloud infrastructure gives their clients the benefits of scale, speed, processing power, storage, and data security that can quickly, and cost-effectively, adjust to global demand.

Private Wealth Systems delivers every aspect required for successful investment reporting. First, its technology platform supports every asset type–from standard marketable securities to structured products, derivatives, currencies, alternative assets including private equity, hedge funds, real estate, direct investments, as well as physical assets such as art and collectibles. The solution ensures the highest level of data accuracy with its multi-layered transaction level reconciliation.

Our proprietary technology can take the most complex financial data in the world and transform it into simple, clear, and highly personalized, actionable insights

Second, with interactive graphics that enable highly complex calculations to be displayed in the most engaging and intuitive manner, the platform classifies the data based on the unique perspectives of each user. Private Wealth Systems’ clients are thus able to witness a drastic reduction in total cost of IT ownership and operations footprint while dramatically improving the way wealth managers and their end clients engage with one another.

Private Wealth Systems is focused on the 226,000 ultra-high net worth individuals who collectively control 27 trillion in global investment power, and their wealth advisors. Mr. Pearson continues, “The level of complexity in serving as a front-to-back office technology and services company for the family office market that is scalable and cost-effective is so high that this market has significant barriers to entry. This is why there are so few market solutions available for those who manage complex wealth. We are born from this market, for this market, which is why we see global adoption among family offices and private banks.”

Private Wealth Systems has grabbed the attention of a client-base ranging from complex multi-billion-dollar family offices and investment managers to private bankers and portfolio managers, in North and South America, Western Europe, and the Middle East, and are now being pulled into Asia. “Our clients select us because they focus not just on our features but on how our core data processing logic is different and why we have taken the time and money to build the system we have built. We remain focused on correcting the foundational challenges that have plagued this part of the financial services industry for decades,” adds Pearson.

Private Wealth Systems

Charlotte, NC

Craig Pearson, CEO

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Private Wealth Systems