Proavos: Comprehensive PSS Suite for New Age of Distribution

Syed Naveed, CEO
Mobility and digitization often compels many airlines to regard technology as an “imminent adaptation” towards an uncomfortable change. The general trend in aviation IT is towards streamlining of technological resources in an economical and value-based structure to transform and optimize the infrastructure, processes, and applications. According to Syed Naveed, CEO of Proavos, most CIOs of leading airlines are demonstrating a double agenda. “On one hand, they want to renew their existing systems and bring efficiency to the core and in parallel trying to bring in new systems, either by subscribing or building them,” starts Naveed. Addressing these critical requisites, Proavos offers solutions that can be deployed as modules or as endto- end, on a scalable and cost-effective deployment over the cloud. The company provides a complete Passenger Service Systems (PSS) suite which has been built from the ground up and carefully designed to induce key benefits that airlines are seeking.

Proavos’ flagship offering is, Aviation Operating System (AVOS1) and is a Central Reservation System that uniquely acts as an integrator designed to support specialized third party systems in a single intelligent interface; enabling superior inventory control and multi-channel distribution capability. The AVOS1 platform features several innovations in design, interface, analytics and user centricity. “It is a total solution with all major modules such as fares, inventory management and scheduling built on top of a highly configurable modular application platform,” articulates Naveed. The focus of most PSS solutions is towards easing the travel process for customers; AVOS1 extends that by modernizing the backend and increasing revenue through smarter use of customer data and merchandizing. Apart from a modern PSS platform, Proavos has developed an In-flight Entertainment System that delivers information, communication, entertainment, and ancillary services in a single stage unlike ever before, it is in talks with major carriers for exclusive relationship. “It offers a strong merchandizing platform for airlines to capitalize on revenue potentials from inflight services,” comments Naveed.

Proavos has made significant investments in research and development to build a comprehensive solution and is approaching the market differently. The company’s technical team collaborates with experts from the industry and cross fed expertise from diverse domains like finance, Big Data, and cyber security in order to induce a global standard in their software. “The result is that our clients are able to see true innovations at every step in all our solutions, from a new and more advanced user interface to functionality, system speeds, reliability and operability,” explains Naveed. One particular customer of Proavos, in the midst of changing their business model opted for AVOS1 platform to supplement their progress. The organization was in transition and Proavos helped them setup the needed internal resources and infrastructure. In addition, they placed an in-house specialist to handle inside operations for an extended period to ensure the implementation went smoothly.

AVOS1 is a next-gen PSS that enables superior end-to-end inventory control and multi-channel distribution

Moving on, Proavos pledges to retain a competitive advantage in their business by advocating lean and effective practices in their solutions. The company draws from their resource base, perspective of the trends, and cost structures to remain absolutely competitive. The aviation industry is expected to cater to ever increasing passenger numbers in the next ten years with a multifold growth in the number of airports and size of airlines. Proavos plans to address this development by introducing new solutions and upgrades for their existing solutions. “Staying with the technological trends and leading the change is the position we want to be in. We are currently testing solutions that will consolidate all the functions of an airline within a universal service layer through high level of automation, while reducing cost to own and operate,” ends Naveed.


Miami, FL

Syed Naveed, CEO

Offers comprehensive PSS solutions that can be deployed as modules or as an end-to-end arrangement using the cloud