ProcedureFlow: Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Daniella Degrace, CEO
Technology is changing dramatically. New models are emerging. New demands must be met. To come out ahead, CIOs will need to face the uphill battle of managing organizations with complex, constantly changing information.

The Canadian utility, NB Power, was faced with this challenge and more just a few years ago. They had been struggling with extensive training time for new employees and high operating costs. As the company drowned in complex information captured in traditional publishing tools, the confidence of agents frequently ran low. Agents struggled with proficiency and finding the right information they needed, which was stored across multiple locations making duplication a common occurrence, and increasing the likelihood of errors.

As conventional tools proved incapable of solving the problem, ProcedureFlow stepped in and reshaped the way the company managed information and the way employees handled customer inquiries. As a result of this, their lengthy training was cut down from 13 days to just five, and agents could start taking live calls 60 percent faster. In addition, NB Power also witnessed a significant reduction in trainer’s travel costs, and removed 7,000 mentor assist calls annually.

Success stories like this highlight and speak volumes about ProcedureFlow’s commitment to customer success, assisting companies in capturing knowledge in a way that is easy to create, maintain and share across the whole company.

ProcedureFlow uses small hyperlinked flowcharts to represent complex expert knowledge, and aids in working through processes in a visual and logical way that allows organizations to spot areas they can improve and make modifications immediately. “As industries such as healthcare, utilities, and telecom struggle to improve cost efficiency and consistency, we help them navigate the choppy waters to provide the best possible service to their customers,” says ProcedureFlow CEO Daniella Degrace.

Unlike traditional knowledge management systems that are navigated and managed by a select group, ProcedureFlow is designed keeping all employees in mind and allows anyone, whether manager or frontline employee, to suggest improvements to processes. Once validated, the changes are disseminated across the organization with a single click.

Revolutionizing the knowledge management industry, we present a single source of truth for the CIOs through our cloud-based knowledge management software, turning their employees into experts faster

The knowledge management tool includes reporting and analytics to ensure that employees implement best practices in the industry and reap the benefits. It also measures organizational contribution to knowledge development and leverages the expertise of top performers to promote employee engagement.

The cloud-based software enables organizations to map their most complicated processes in a simple intuitive format, allowing new employees to function like experts from day one. The simple nature of ProcedureFlow makes it possible to train employees using the platform and map its processes within a few hours. Acting as their knowledge GPS, the product guides them through any type of scenario whether it is carrying out daily activities, adoption of new business systems, or even new roles within the company.

“Revolutionizing the knowledge management industry, we present a single source of truth for the CIOs through our cloud-based knowledge management software, turning their employees into experts faster,” says Degrace. “With a sharp focus on customer success, we provide employees with a highly visual way to navigate their work and the company’s standard operating procedures, and enable them to collaborate and engage, ensuring their operations are efficient and optimized.”

ProcedureFlow is currently on an aggressive growth phase and is expanding its product to enhance the existing capabilities and improve upon the many benefits ProcedureFlow delivers to customers. To support this growth, they are building an ecosystem of partners to help with market expansion and customer deployment initiatives. They have doubled in size both in employees and in revenue this year, and are forecasted to replicate this growth again in 2019.


Saint John, Canada

Daniella Degrace, CEO

ProcedureFlow is a cloud-based knowledge management product that helps employees become experts faster. The company helps businesses and organizations be the best they can be. Unlike static documents and knowledge base articles, ProcedureFlow is a visual map that easily guides employees through your most complex information. ProcedureFlow exists to help companies capture their best practices in a way that’s easy to follow and share them across the whole company. The company’s product uses small hyperlinked flowcharts to represent complex expert knowledge. This will result in higher quality work and consistently great customer experiences