Procensol: Agile Methods for Workflow Automation

Mervin Chiang, CTIO and Director of Product Marketing
“Many organizations provide workflow management solutions, but for Procensol it is beyond providing WMS,” begins Mervin Chiang, CTIO and Director of Product Marketing, Procensol. Process Centric Solutions, is the crux of Procensol. The team specializes in guiding clients through their implementation process in one cycle with a greater goal of achieving Business Transformation. “We follow a modern methodology for business transformation using workflow management solutions like Appian and help businesses perform micro evolutions of change and innovation,” elucidates Chiang. “Our vision is to use WMS as a toolset for business transformation, innovation, collaboration, and rapid digitization in an organization.”

The company uses Agile methodology to fulfill the needs of continuous innovation and improvement management for their clients. This usually involves using a WMS platform. Procensol terms this as their Modern Business Transformation (MBT) method. Procensol usually covers both ends of the consulting spectrum for WMS implementations—the first is on the strategy and innovation consulting side, which includes embedding methodologies and mentoring. The second covers execution where they offer workflow implementation expertise for leading edge WMS platforms, complete with delivery management and solution architecture. In this way the WMS is holistically used for the enterprise as a platform for transformation and not merely a point solution anymore.

Clients get training and consulting at all stages of the MBT cycle. “We train clients on how to build a solution leveraging the WMS investment for rapid Agile implementations,” adds Chiang. Following this, the team enables users to develop applications with systems such as Appian’s workflow automation engine. “MBT allows our clients to perform sustainable and innovative business transformation without the risk of a big bang approach.”

The company provides various acceleration tools to speed up the adoption of WMS in their client’s Business Transformation journey. Firstly, they have Pro-Solution Accelerators (PSAs). PSAs are pre-fabricated process frameworks, architectures, fragments or utilities that are readily deployable depending on the client’s challenges. Secondly, they have the Agile BPM Implementation Toolkit (ABIT). ABIT allows Procensol consultants to consistently and rapidly implement, mentor and embed the MBT governance and methodology framework within their client for WMS use.

Our vision is to use WMS as a toolset for business transformation, innovation, collaboration, and rapid digitization in an organization

“ABIT is a toolbag of various consulting tools of trade that we freely offer our clients to accelerate their time to market.”

A testimony to Procensol’s excellent services is the work done recently with the Queensland Government in Australia including the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP).

QFES needed a solution that could improve the accuracy and speed of its uniform supply process while adhering to policy and governance requirements. Procensol applied their MBT methodology to provide a rapid and cost effective solution. QFES has since achieved significant improvements in uniform and protective clothing supplyand witnessed improvement in the number of deliveries in a very short time. They are now on a 6 weekly release cycle of improvements and innovation.

Procensol has also made a significant contribution to the award-winning cloud based Connect process improvement solution for the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection - a program that leads to improved management of risks and impact posed by large industrial activity. Working as partners in the Department's transformation journey, business transformation specialists Procensol, implemented the Connect solution for EHP, positioning them as a best practice leader nationally.

Moving ahead, the company will focus on Innovation Management as the next phase of evolution of their consulting techniques. “We want to be partners on our client’s journey of transformation and fully cater for their need to be better than they are today,” explains Chiang. The firm is always on the lookout for modern workforce automation solutions focused on innovation, collaboration, business transformation and automation to help businesses interact with their customers better and faster.


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Mervin Chiang, CTIO and Director of Product Marketing

Transforms business processes through a Modern Business Transformation approach using workflow management solutions