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Kevin Aguanno, President
According to a 2019 Gartner survey, talent shortage remains a key concern among organizations at present. With deep talent gaps encroaching parts of several industries, there has never been a greater need to train the workforce. However, training by itself doesn’t work. Even though organizations conduct training programs for their workforce, parameters such as policies and processes become obstacles when it comes to implementing what they learn in the training. Ontario, Canada-based Procept Associates—a leading provider of professional training programs— identifies such loopholes and assists organizations to implement effective training strategies. The company’s President, Kevin Aguanno adds, “Training won’t be effective unless a firm provides mentoring as the employees often forget what the instructor said during the training session. Also, it is crucial to change the performance metrics to encourage people to use the new knowledge and skills.” Procept makes this possible by providing ongoing support through coaching services, webinars and job aids to help professionals carry forward the momentum.

Procept carries out training and management consulting largely around project and change management, IT service management, data management and governance, agile delivery, and DevOps. An innovator in the area of development and implementation of project, program, and portfolio management frameworks, the company helps organizations tweak, revise, and adjust their governance structures so that both traditional/waterfall and agile deliveries take place within a common framework. “A lot of our work revolves around helping companies or government bodies figure out how to blend these approaches into one framework,” says Aguanno.

The company has been offering IT service management training since 2005 and was the first training provider in North America to start offering ITIL v4 training at the start of 2019. With 14 years of experience delivering ITIL training to corporate and government clients, Procept is a pioneer in the field. Its IT Management Practice Lead, Sola Oduko, also runs Procept’s Nigerian franchise, which first introduced ITIL training and consulting to the country.

Procept has in-depth expertise in both traditional and agile approaches, with agile-related consulting and training accounting for about 30 percent of the company’s overall business.
The company offers courses specifically for executives, project managers, business analysts, application and system architects, developers and testers. Project management, sponsorship, and governance also remain an important part of Procept’s agile training topics. “Our team has been teaching agile concepts since the mid-nineties, even before they were called agile,” adds Aguanno. The Procept team engages with IT security, enterprise risk management, information security teams, and other different groups across organizations to figure out how they can integrate into agile delivery approaches. While this is often seen as an IT-driven initiative, business people consider the biggest hurdle to becoming agile as an entity. When dealing with multinational corporations, Procept localizes its recommendations to help clients comply with regulations at a regional level. Furthermore, to help clients with training initiatives, Procept customizes its core course materials to include terminology and case studies relevant to individual situations. “Our ability to customize for our clients is one of our key differentiators,” says Aguanno.

The firm has a long and rich history of delivering professional training in Canada and around the world. It conducted the first Project Management Professional (PMP) preparation class in Canada and delivered the first course on agile project management offered by a Canadian university. Procept also has affiliations with higher education institutions, conducting classes through one US and nine Canadian universities. Procept’s instructors also conduct graduate classes in the Master of Engineering programs at several universities along with post-graduate professional development classes.

Having started its journey in Canada, Procept now has offices in the USA, Europe and the Middle East, as well as a franchised operation in Nigeria. Working in multiple geographies has exposed the company to diverse regulatory regimes and policy frameworks. Ever since 1965, Procept and its subsidiaries have trained more than one million people across 17,000 organizations in over 200 courses. Further, Procept has been making significant investments to automate some of its processes and build tools to work more effectively. With a zeal to help companies around the world to improve their performance, Procept demonstrates strong capabilities and a long, impressive track record.

Procept Associates

Toronto, Ontario

Kevin Aguanno, President

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Procept Associates Limited has established itself as a market leader and innovator in the development and implementation of project, program and portfolio management best practices. Offering training and consulting to a majority of organization, Procept helps organizations tweak, revise, and adjust their governance structure so that their deliveries can happen within the common framework. Procept has deep expertise in both traditional and agile approaches. Agile and Agile related consulting and training forms about 30 percent of Procept’s business overall