Process Point Technologies: Delivering Business Benefits Quickly with Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Suneel Podduturi, Managing Director
Many companies are embracing innovation and transformation to survive and grow their business. Business leaders are challenged to create future value based on rapidly changing customer needs or change in business models which require new capabilities and business processes that do not exist today. Technology plays a major role in executing these innovation and transformation strategies. An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) becomes the backbone of the several technologies like SMAC (Mobile, Social, Analytics and Cloud) Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), around which several business capabilities are built to tap into new opportunities and serve new markets.

Founder and Managing Director of Process Point Technologies Corporation, Suneel Podduturi says “CIOs are constantly expected to deliver advanced business capabilities while their companies lack the basic and foundational capabilities”. He explains that many companies neither have the ERP capabilities nor their current ERP systems designed to provide the agility and time to market to support innovation. ERP systems are considered as complex, time-consuming and costly to implement, preventing companies to realize the business benefits quickly. Technology based approach and conventional implementation methodology are the main reasons he attributes to the problem. Process Point is solving this problem by taking a process centric approach to identify and deliver next generation business processes in a service model to enable companies to stay current and focus on running the business rather than wild goose chase of technology enablement.

Process Point, an Oracle Gold Partner, has developed a suite of solutions to deliver both basic and advanced business capabilities in Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model.Using BPaaS, companies can greatly reduce the time and costs necessary to implement, operate and manage Oracle ERP. Podduturi expands, “We help customers understand what can be done in the near term, and help them determine which processes make more sense to move into the cloud and those which should stay on premises.”

CIOs are constantly expected to deliver advanced business capabilities while their companies lack the basic and foundational capabilities

Process Point has successfully delivered business transformation engagements and ERP implementations across financials, procurement and supply chain management value streams. Recently, a leading online game publisher, operating in more than 30 countries had chosen us for their business transformation initiative. Podduturi expands, “There are a few million people playing online at any given time, which means millions of micro-transactions take place each month.” It was a tech startup company 10 years ago, now challenged with how to accurately track millions of transactions in several currencies, account, recognize revenue and complete financial reporting complying with local and international statutory mandates. We are delivering a global solution based on Oracle ERP and other Oracle Technologies in 8 months.

Moving forward, Podduturi sees a paradigm shift in the way companies are enabling new capabilities for their businesses using process centric approach, cloud based delivery models and ready to deploy solutions. He remits, “Companies should challenge the convention while implementing ERP and other technology solutions to get them out faster and improve as being used.” Process Point under Podduturi’s leadership is working toward building ready to deploy solutions across entire value chain that will enable business transformation quickly for any sized companies.

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Suneel Podduturi, Managing Director

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