Process Stream: Streamlining Processes to Redefine Organizational Goals

Mickey Shah, Managing Director
Life Science companies and healthcare providers operate with highly specialized business processes. Rising costs, aging population, and changing regulatory demands require flexible analysis to respond to the issues confronting organization’s unique operational environment. Based on these needs, Bobby Roy started Process Stream in 2008, with a sole focus on implementing Enterprise Quality Management Systems and consulting services to bridge the gap between business process needs and technology solutions. “To help organizations reach their business goals with the help of technology solutions, we built some of the largest EQMS Solutions in the world and as our growth accelerated, my partner Mickey Shah joined the Process Stream in 2013 to diversify our offerings providing our clients a wider range of solutions,” says Roy.

clients a wider range of solutions,” says Roy. In addition to Quality and Compliance Solutions, Process Stream recently has been working on a number of Life Science projects related to Strategic Roadmaps, Data Disentanglements and Migrations due to Mergers, Acquisition and Divestitures. “These are challenging projects for our clients, with so much change going on in the organization, we have to help them understand their best path forward. We have expanded our team in this area and have also developed purpose built tools to ease the process as we believe this trend will continue to grow,” notes Roy. The company focuses on four key practice areas—EQMS Solutions, Integrations and Data Migrations, Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Management, and Business Process Automation.

Process Stream primarily delivers EQMS implementations through its strong partnership with Sparta Systems, the EQMS giant. The company implements their TrackWise Software for its services. “Quality is paramount for Life Sciences companies and we focus on delivering business consulting and system implementations to ensure our clients are compliant with regulations.
We guide our clients based on years of experience and utilize best practices for a variety of different processes ranging from Audits to Deviations and Complaints,” explains Roy. The company has also been working on integrating cross platform. “As we have seen the space mature the need to integrate your EQMS Solution with your ERP, CRM, Document Management among others become critical. To see the growth in this area is tremendous and what excites us most is seeing how happy our clients are with their fully integrated systems, as they find better ways to utilize it,” adds Roy.

The company recently completed a milestone project, integrating Oracle’s Argus Safety System to Sparta Systems Trackwise. “Our client wanted to harmonize the Adverse Events data with their Complaints data. They were stored in two separate systems and reconciliation was very time consuming and resource intensive. We integrated the two systems so that there was data flowing back and forth in real time, achieving tremendous operational and compliance efficiencies for our client,” asserts Roy.

Process Stream also implements reporting platforms where life sciences companies can arrive at faster business and clinical decisions, shorten discovery-to-commercialization product cycles, improve physician feedback to manufacturers and reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance. Lastly, through utilizing their business process automation service, Process Stream helps clients to leverage existing IT infrastructure to automate business processes. “We typically leverage the SharePoint platform combined with Nintex Workflow to deliver powerful and efficient solutions to common business processes. Nintex has become the largest utilized thirdparty component to SharePoint and our SharePoint customers drive a lot of value from the Nintex product suite,” notes Roy.

The excellence in delivery and expertise is empowering Process Stream’s growth. Going forward, the company is all set to spread its services to areas including Document Management, Business Process Management and Middleware, Pharmacovigilance and Laboratory Information Management Systems.

Process Stream

Princeton, NJ

Mickey Shah, Managing Director and Bobby Roy, Managing Director

Process Stream develops enterprise-level solutions, particularly for those industries where manufacturing quality control is essential, which include pharmaceutical and life sciences, medical device, food and beverage, and health and beauty