ProcessMAP: Corporation Highly Scalable and Secure Platform to Manage Compliance and Employee Health

CIO VendorDave Rath, CEO
In the chemical industry, a primary battlefront over the last several years has been managing the risks related to environmental compliance and employee health and safety. CIOs often look for efficiently managing their response to the ever-changing regulatory needs. Enter ProcessMAP, a company that has developed an enterprise-scale Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for efficient Sustainability and Carbon Management, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management, and Enterprise Compliance Management. “Our global enterprise platform, which can be integrated into any legacy system, is highly scalable, secure and helps customers improve their risk management,” explains Dave Rath, CEO, ProcessMAP Corporation.

The company offers its customers blueprinting services, which comprise of steps necessary to understand the processes, EHS risks, and document functional and technical requirements to configure the system. “Implementing solutions that have the ability to manage data and information on a global scale is a challenge we embrace. Our blueprinting service looks at several key dimensions —catalyst, drivers, customers’ objective, pain points, customer's current state, and desired future state—to prioritize the required functions and processes,” says Gubnitsky.

Agreeing with Rath’s opinion, Harold R. Gubnitsky, President and Chief Strategy Officer, further adds, “In addition to implementing best-in-class technology in manufacturing processes, the chemicals industry is often looking for more innovative and safer ways to improve and manage their employee health and safety.” ProcessMAP provides a solid technology platform to streamline the processes and provide insights to support chemical industry’s needs for enterprise-wide compliance and safety performance. The need is to develop key performance indicators and analytics to maintain the sustainability and consistently track performance,” adds Gubnitsky.

ProcessMAP’s suite is comprised of more than 20 solutions to provide a single global platform that enables chemical companies to manage their environmental compliance programs and minimize risks, promoting a safe and healthy work environment.
“The platform provides incredible insights during the entire health and safety lifecycle management according to the geographic regulations—from sending alerts on possible health risks to tracking the injuries and illnesses at the manufacturing process,” says Rath. Headquartered in Florida, ProcessMAP provides an integrated and turnkey platform that includes next generation software, robust hosting infrastructure, and one-stop implementation services to customers across 90+ countries. For instance, a Fortune 500 chemicals manufacturer— with 200+ manufacturing facilities across the globe—was facing challenges in managing their employee exposure levels to different chemicals during the manufacturing processes. The challenge was to track the exposure levels based on local regulatory limits established at the Country and/or State level and to make sure that it doesn’t exceed the regulatory thresholds. ProcessMAP implemented an enterprise-wide highly configurable platform integrated with laboratories to track the exposure levels enterprise wide. “It gave a real-time visibility at all the chemical plants, thus measuring the risk effectively, and better managing the risk mitigation measures,” says Rath.

ProcessMAP is focused in addressing the challenges related to data analytics and mobility. “Right now, our focus is on the convergence of web and mobile, so in our innovation lab our teams are developing device agnostic technologies to use the same platform in different devices,” reveals Rath. One of ProcessMAP’s key differentiating factors is their ability to deliver solutions in mobile and web in more than 25 different languages.

ProcessMAP provides world’s leading cloud-based solution to empower customers to manage their environmental compliance and employee health and safety risks

As for the future, the company has plans to continue its expansion on a global scale with a strong focus on Asia, Europe and Latin America. “We want to ensure that we are the company of choice for our customers with global footprint,” concludes Gubnitsky.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dave Rath, CEO and Harold R. Gubnitsky, President & Chief Strategy Officer

Provides Software-as-a-Service platform for EHS, Sustainability and Carbon Management, and Compliance and Learning