Processor: Innovative technologies to generate results

Cesar Leite, CEO
With a mission to address the challenges of migration from legacy environments to the cloud, Processor is continuously seeking its innovation and capacity to adjust to the changing industry. Among the solutions marketed by Processor, we offer a number of applications that include the traditional on-premise model of delivery with the CRM and Microsoft AX Solutions and a wide range of service software options (SaaS), apart from a varied group of virtualization and hybrid and complex computing environment management and monitoring services.

With 27 years in the market and headquartered in Porto Alegre city and with units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Londrina, Blumenau, and Belo Horizonte, Processor is present in the majority of the Brazilian territory. It also has international units in Chile, Argentina, and the USA, to provide global services to clients worldwide. Processor's solid partnership with Microsoft and other major market players, since its first years, reinforce its capacity to implement complex technology projects supported by a group of professionals with high technical expertise.

We offer high-quality services supported by familiar, user friendly,easy-to-implement,and intuitive interfaces for the corporate market of Latin America

Since 2009, Processor is focusing on creating an area in the company to offer Cloud Computing solutions. After a long period of research and development, they get to 2014 with a consolidated offer for cloud. In fact, today Processor is recognized by the market and its peers as one of the most innovative companies of the sector, due to a wide strategy of cloud solutions – The Cloud Company (, specially, for the services made available through the new line LiveCloud. The LiveCloud offer is a new dynamic platform for cloud computing and/or hybrid, which offers a range of integrated solutions, including computational, storage capacity, data, networking, backup, applications, software, among other services, which allow you to do business quickly, flexible and highly competitive.
Processor also believes in constant change—to stay ahead of competition. “Evolution, as a philosophy of life, was the path chosen by us, since the beginning, and it allows us to work in sync with the dynamism that information technology demands,” affirms Cesar Leite, Processor´s CEO. By developing a unique set of skills to provide competitive responses to business environments, the company believes in the concept—IT of results, where clients receive quality services offered by the Group, and also a solid commitment to always achieve the clients' goals.

Being increasingly committed to meeting customer demands, the company has assisted several clients to curb their business challenges, while delivering incremental enhancements to them. For instance, Sotreq—one of the largest Caterpillar dealers in the world, experienced a complex situation, since it had messaging infrastructure with architectures distributed in its plants all over Brazil, which generated a high cost of environment management (TCO). For this client's scenario, Processor used Microsoft Office 365 to help reduce the TCO costs, improve internal environment management and offer increased scalability. It also solved problems of distributed storage and high consumption of data link, and improved email services. At first, was made the migration of 150 users from smaller companies in the group, which served as preparation to reach 6000 accounts migrated by the end of the process.

Processor aims to improvise and innovate their solutions and services, making them applicable to various market segment and company size. “Managed, offsite, cloud and software services, mobility, big data, and social services are some of the strategies we are investing in for the following years,” quotes Leite. Processor’s goal is to grow more in Brazil and Latin America, becoming one of the main players in those markets. “We believe the expansion would help us become the best option for major corporate IT consumers in the systems integration, business solutions, and infrastructure services sector,” Leite concludes.


Porto Alegre, Brazil

Cesar Leite, CEO

Developing, selling and implementing IT services and solutions for the corporate market of Latin America