ProChain: Critical Chain Project Management for High Return and Low Risk

CIO’s recognize that project managers need better project management solutions, not just better tools. “Software is just not the answer, so over the years we have developed a low-risk, high-return methodology for project and change management supported by our software,” says Bill Lynch, President and COO of ProChain Solutions, a provider of project management solutions to small, medium, and large-size firms. Founded in 1996, the Virginia-based company is the creator of Critical Chain solutions that have been successfully implemented by thousands of people in hundreds of organizations.

Critical Chain is a new project management approach that has won converts in companies of all sizes in all verticals. “Our client base includes numerous Fortune 500 and 100 companies," adds Lynch. A large pharmaceutical firm has publicly talked about using Critical Chain as their ‘operating system’ and getting on-time performance of over 90 percent; several large medical device and high-tech companies have reported similar benefits, as well as double-digit improvements to time to market. “Our clients typically get an ROI of 50 or more times what they invest in our process,” says Lynch. This message was reinforced at ProChain’s recent 14th Annual Critical Chain conference, which featured presentations showing how practitioners in such companies as Intel, Kimberly Clark, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals were able to leverage ProChain’s approach to achieve major benefits. One of their Fortune 100 clients reported that they more than doubled their throughput, raised their on-time performance from 30 percent to over 70 percent and reduced their cycles times by more than 30 percent using ProChain’s methodology and software across hundreds of projects.

Our solutions provide risk- and pain-free change management to clients who have achieved more than $100 for each dollar invested in our solutions

In most organizations, cultural norms encourage excessive multitasking and interruptions. These behaviors, in turn, dramatically reduce people’s work quality and productivity.
CIO VendorBill Lynch, President & COO
ProChain’s methodology helps companies capitalize on the consequent opportunity to improve by executing reliably to excellent project priorities, while creating a strategic perspective that allows leadership to put scarce resources where they are needed most.

ProChain’s 11th-generation software and enterprise suite provides global connectivity and transparency, allowing executives unparalleled decision-making power. The ProChain methodology ensures a relatively risk- and pain-free implementation. The company has recently migrated its enterprise software to the cloud. That software, coupled with its innovative new “Quick Start” program, provides an inexpensive, low-risk way for companies to move ahead quickly and effectively with the Critical Chain approach.

In less than two decades, ProChain has shown resilience in growing from its past successes and failures to consistently exceed client expectations. Its solutions mirror Lynch’s philosophy of delivering services as promised. “I believe strongly in personal accountability and delivering what you promise. That is why we are happy to be paid based on performance: if you do not get the benefits you expect, we don’t get paid. It’s also why we use our own approach in managing our own projects,” he says. Client results are consistent and repeatable, and result in huge returns for each dollar invested.

ProChain’s long list of publications includes the amazon bestselling novel ‘The Project Manifesto’ and the Critical Chain textbook ‘The Billion Dollar Solution.’ These books offer profound insights into the creation of Critical Chain solutions.

The company is enroute to estab¬lishing itself as a standard, best-in-class solution provider that allows complete knowledge transfer to clients, need-based solution adaptability, and ex¬ceptional scalability.

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Bill Lynch, President & COO

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