Procon Analytics: Heralding the Age of Ultra-Connected Vehicles

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William Cheney, CTO & Managing Director
Since the time General Motors Corp. first introduced the “car that could autodial an ambulance for help” in 1996, the idea of a connected vehicle has come a long way. Vehicles now communicate with drivers and passengers, navigate through live traffic, run sophisticated self-diagnostics, and send reports in real time. These connected vehicles use robust onboard computing power, combined with backend Artificial Intelligence (AI), to deliver enhanced services and user experiences. Believing in the limitless possibilities of wireless connectivity in vehicles, Procon Analytics, an Irvine, California-based company, has dedicated its expertise in big data and analytics to bring more value-driven connected-car features and next-generation channel management processes to the automotive industry.

While many data analytics and AI business propositions in the auto industry focus on manufacturing improvements, Procon Analytics is instead changing the game for the distribution channel. This progressive business intelligence leader empowers new vehicle automotive and aftermarket retailers with practical tools that engage customers before and after the purchase. “We connect businesses with powerful analytics and customer insights that help them make smarter, faster, and more profitable decisions,” said William Cheney, CTO and managing director of Procon Analytics. The company’s portfolio consists of connected car products and services, including risk-mitigation solutions to support the vehicle finance market, vehicle inventory management and service-retention products, fleet-management tools, and other aftermarket solutions packaged for automotive retailers.

In its effort to fill the gaps in a vehicle’s lifecycle and accelerate smart-chain connections, Procon Analytics provides robust data analytics solutions that help increase vehicle sales, improve customer retention and satisfaction, and decrease employee turnover. Its solutions do not need data scientists but instead are designed with dealers in mind so that they can easily leverage data analytics to meet the needs of consumers and create higher profits. Their connected-car technology can monitor temperatures, engine status, vehicle location, driver patterns, and more. The data collected from vehicle use helps franchise and independent dealerships manage their inventory, track and determine a vehicle’s operational status.
For instance, when a dealer wants to provide a prospective customer with a car for a test drive, he can pick the vehicle with optimized operating performance and remotely locate it with ease—saving time, money, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Using automotive IoT technology, vehicles can interact with wearable devices, smart homes and workplaces, communities, smart cities, and more

Meanwhile, car owners also benefit from Procon Analytics’ technology, with features such as stolen vehicle recovery, teen-driver tracking, vehicle maintenance, and full diagnostic trouble-code deciphering. When a trouble code is generated, the dealer’s service department can assist the customer in correcting the issue and making repair suggestions, and help them locate alternative transportation. For vehicle finance companies, Procon Analytics provides a risk mitigation system that processes and presents summary data on a real-time risk analytics dashboard. This dashboard employs AI to help finance companies protect their assets, reduce delinquencies and charge-offs, grow market share, and maintain profitability in a highly dynamic environment.

According to Procon Analytics’ business intelligence team, sensors are only the first link in a widespread interconnected and infinitely customizable mobile chain. Plans for incubating new transformational concepts by building bridges between intelligent companies are currently underway. These collaborative efforts help Procon Analytics build new lines of distribution, broaden its product offerings, and enter new markets as they tap into a large pool of existing customers and new prospects. The team is poised to not only connect more smart businesses but also innovate new product ideas and test them in the marketplace. “Using automotive IoT technology,” Cheney said, “vehicles can interact with wearable devices, smart homes and workplaces, communities, smart cities, and more. The power of thousands of data points generated by its connected driver base empowers Procon Analytics to redefine what is possible with connected cars.”

Procon Analytics

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William Cheney, CTO & Managing Director

Provides a suite of connected car products and services designed for franchise dealers and new car retailers

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