Procore: Makes Construction Project Management Easy, Efficient And Profitable

CIO VendorCraig Courtemanche, CEO
Procore’s founder and CEO, Craig Courtemanche, combined his background as a general contractor and his experience in developing successful software, and created Procore, in order to help project managers who are not happy with their current construction software solutions. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Montecito, CA, Procore’s primary goal is to eliminate miscommunication as a source of added project costs.

Procore’s flagship product, Procore Construction Project Management Software, makes construction project management easier, more efficient and profitable. With this software, project information doesn't get misplaced, people can get the documents they need whenever they need them, and items with due dates aren't forgotten. It is easy to learn and simple to use and it aims at enabling its clients to be up and running the same day they purchase the software.The software, designed as a web-based application, uses the latest web technologies and security measures.

Procore’s goal is to show professionals how it can help them be more productive and eliminate miscommunication as a source of added project costs

Procore assisted Englewood Construction, a service general contractor and construction management services company in lowering bidding costs. The company also needed a better way to manage field operations, project documents, and job site photos. Procore enabled Englewood to improve the management of field operations, documents and photos. “All of our project information is right there in the system. Procore is a portal that we can access from anywhere in the world,” says Chuck Taylor, Director of Operations, Englewood.


Montecito, CA

Craig Courtemanche, CEO

Helps project managers make construction project management easier, more efficient and more profitable.