Procurify: Streamlining Purchasing through a Single Platform

Aman Mann, CEO
Most current enterprises are emphasizing expansion plans, both internally and geographically. As a result, there is increased pressure on purchasing departments. Because of this, the purchasing process turns increasingly vulnerable to errors as well. This scenario calls for a shift from dependency on paper and conversation-based purchasing process. Meeting this requirement is Procurify, an online purchasing software platform. Irrespective of industry or company size, Procurify aims to untangle the drawbacks that are typical of the traditional purchasing process. For example, while risk and supplier relationship management started inhabiting a major space in the purchasing functions, Procurify decided to put an end to purchasing disorders. “Procurify allows for a straightforward workflow that facilitates various rules and procedures required for both direct and indirect company spending on an easy-to-use platform. From requisition to receipt, the entire chain of approval is tracked with the help of our platform,” says Aman Mann, CEO, Procurify.

Headquartered in Richmond, Canada, Procurify’s purchasing platform has become a go-to solution for a variety of industry verticals, especially education, hospitality and the fast-growing technology industry. The platform facilitates spending by tracking the money expended, accessing the orders and also by providing easy communication to the suppliers besides complete visibility on the purchases. Further, it tracks and archives all requisitions, approvals, purchase orders, expenses, budgets, receiving, packing slips, receipts, employee communication, and all related paperwork. Further, Procurify has been able to eliminate off-contract spending, duplicate and unnecessary expenditures.

By hosting Procurify in the cloud, Procurify has empowered customers to adopt a flexible working pattern—via mobile or web. The software also includes an “offline” capability in the mobile application for employees who find themselves off the grid from time to time. Besides, transparency throughout the entire procure-to-pay cycle is sanctioned to avoid fraudulent activity. With access controls that can be assigned to specific users, it is possible to know in advance if products are shipped incorrectly.
The software also extends help in ensuring accurate inventory, eliminating double-billing and producing a permanent electronic trail of company purchasing, which can expedite company audits.

For instance, Legacy Traditional Schools in Arizona, initially had 10 divisions for the purchasing department. While they were challenged with handling spreadsheets, delayed approval for making orders, they had to adhere to procurement laws and standards that require bids for certain items. After implementing Procurify, they were able to improve administrative capability with less manpower and communication strategies. The software which facilitated updates on confirmation, changes, purchase or receipt of an order proved advantageous for the client. Transforming from an excel-driven system to a cloud-based system, Procurify retrenched their spending to a large extent.

With the platform, accelerated requests can be approved and purchasing process can be carried out efficiently. Electronic purchase orders are created quickly and easily for authorized vendors. The right people in the approval chain are also notified when an item is purchased and when it arrives. In distinction with the competitors, Aman explains their design is purely customer-centric. “Procurify doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. We are committed to making people’s lives better by giving them tools they love to use,” says Aman. “The more we learn about our customers, the less they have to worry about the decisions they make, as we provide them clear insights at the right time.”

From requisition to receipt, entire chain of approval is tracked with the help of our platform

With a global position already accomplished in a short time, Procurify aims to focus their activities on the Middle East and Asian Countries over the next few years.


Richmond, Canada

Aman Mann, CEO and Kenneth Loi, COO, Eugene Dong, CTO

An online platform which makes the purchasing process easier, more efficient and more transparent.