Product10x: Enabling a Holistic Approach Toward Product Management

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Suresh Madhuvarsu, Founder & Partner
“Although many venture capital firms invest money on the right technology, and in the right industry segments, 90% of the startups fail in the first year itself,” says Suresh Madhuvarsu, founder & partner at Product10x. He asserts that an emphasis on technology without understanding your business and user aspects leads to this undesirable outcome. From a conceptual point of view, one-time products and ideas work well. When it comes to defining and executing product strategy, however, understanding the end user’s needs and expectations is essential. This is where Product10x plays a vital role. As a product management consultancy, the company assists startups, S&MBs, technology incubators, and venture capitalists in defining product strategy and finding the best way for product execution by understanding the clients’ mission and vision.

Offering product management as a service, Product10x helps its clients by taking care of the whole process, from validating the idea, the positioning of a product to the pricing of it in the market. Product10x also identifies and defines the right customer segments, the best pricing of products and go-to-market strategies.Product10xalso helps you explore expansion opportunities from product and business standpoints across various industries. Product10x first focuses on the goals and metrics from startups and investors. Then, the company conducts one-on-one meetings with the people involved with the product execution—product managers, product marketing managers, product engineers, and product architects—to ensure that everyone is heading in the right direction with a common mission.

By addressing the right set of questions from a business point of view, Product10x identifies the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a client’s product and their market segments. Understanding the overall market, Product10x then informs the businesses what they can change to be more effective. In essence, Product10x provides a holistic product management service that caters to all aspects of product execution to ultimately render it successful.
Moreover, the company also bridges the gap between venture capitals and startups by continually updating the startup about the developments in product execution, its metrics, pricing, and new contacts.

We make sure that companies take a product-led approach, keeping in mind business and users’ requirements

“We make sure that companies take a product-ledapproach, keeping in mind business and users’ requirements and help them in the process of self-discovery of the product and the business for themselves,” says Madhuvarsu. Recently, Product10x helped a financial wellness startup based out of New York figure out pricing strategies and establish their product in the market. The startup was distributing content on financial wellness to various entities, including banks, mortgage companies, schools, and community colleges. Although they had a financial education-oriented product, they were facing difficulty in leveraging the product to distribute the content. They were also struggling with cash burn as they were customizing their content for users, but most of the distributed content had no revenue cycle. Analyzing the whole situation, Product10x suggested a new pricing strategy. The company created a pricing structure with a slight difference for different users, such as mid-sized companies versus enterprises. In another instance, the company trained product-managers of a product-led organization to take a metrics centric approach to define product needs. Before Product10x came into the picture, there was a lack of coordination among employees, product management, and no prioritization of tasks within the organization. Product10x helped establish a firm management structure that put them in an advantageous position to raise capital. Having carved their niche in light of several such success instances, the company envisions to acts as an incubator for startups in the future. Continuously focusing on startups, SMBs, VCs, and private equities, Product10x looks forward to growing and scaling by partnering with various companies to reach new heights.


San Ramon, CA

Suresh Madhuvarsu, Founder & Partner

Product10x helps clients in analyzing, executing, and validating products and optimizing the whole product management process