ProfitBricks: Pioneering the Shift to Second Gen Cloud IaaS

Robert Rizika, CEO
Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a highly automated offering where compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities are offered to the customer on-demand. Many companies have experienced how cloud infrastructure enables multiple teams, organizations and business units to all securely consume isolated resources from a common, scalable and shared infrastructure. Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Cloud IaaS) is now evolving beyond being merely a model of technology delivery to becoming a new operating model where business decision makers are empowered to procure infrastructure on demand, and where IT becomes an internal service provider delivering increased business agility without compromising security or control.

Crucial Cost Cutting

ProfitBricks USA, headed by Bob Rizika, CEO is pioneering this transition from first generation Cloud Computing IaaS to the second generation of IaaS. Based in Boston, MA and Berlin Germany, and founded in 2010, the company sets the bar for offering its customers the best price/performance ratio in cloud computing which is based on the newest, virtualization technology and hardware. It provides high-end infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for companies and IT professionals. “We offer fast and stable virtual data centers that are based on optimized virtualization technology, which allows you to easily scale your individual infrastructure components to fit your needs at any time. With our Data Center Designer (DCD), a browser based graphical user interface, you can easily add and configure servers, storage, load balancers and firewalls with just one click.
Focused on our customers' needs, our development team is constantly working on our product to meet the future demands in a fast changing market,” says Bob.

ProfitBricks also claims a performance advantage over its more established competitors. When processor, disk and network speeds are taken into account, ProfitBricks' cloud servers are twice as fast as Amazon and Rackspace, This is because ProfitBricks' IaaS uses InfiniBand, a supercomputing technology that allows for speedy networking connections between virtual machines and storage. To ensure consistent performance ProfitBricks’s customers virtual machines feature dedicated CPU cores and dedicated RAM. Adding to these points ProfitBricks also offers a "scaleup" approach, which does not force customers to pick from a menu of set server configurations, and instead lets them choose the amount of CPU cores, RAM and storage they need and increase the amount without restarting. "If you want more RAM, you are not forced to buy more CPU, too. With us, you can configure your VMs any way you want," says Bob.

The company has raised $40 million and Bob believes that in the near future ProfitBricks will rise to be the market leader and will continue to better its price/performance leadership and deliver cost effective solutions to all its clients.


Cambridge, MA

Robert Rizika, CEO

A provider of high-end infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for companies and IT professionals.