ProfitZoom: Cost Effective Field Service Management

Paul Knopf, CEO
An exponential growth in the need to better manage dispersed resources requires comprehensive software solutions capable of assisting companies with scheduling recurring inspections, creating digital work orders, job costing, and managing field service businesses. But organizations often engage with multiple software providers for their field service management requirements. “Different companies offer different products and the interfaces between software systems tend to cause errors, complications, inconsistencies, and an added level of complexity and data redundancy when compared to a fully integrated application from a single vendor,” states Paul Knopf, CEO, Valens Software. The Norcross GA based Valens Software provides ProfitZoom to assist companies overcome these challenges. “ProfitZoom was designed to be a complete solution with no third party integrations needed, thus avoiding the complexity and inconsistencies inherent in multi-vendor solutions,” adds Knopf.

ProfitZoom, a profit management system for field service providers, tracks full job costing, with a detailed profit and loss per job as well as different sections of the job. The solution delivers full dispatching and electronic service scheduling, mobile, inventory, and fully integrated financials. “ProfitZoom is designed to deliver the entire scope of functionality needed by a services based company,” states Knopf. The company’s job costing and integrated financials provide a fully integrated Business Intelligence (BI) system with powerful dashboard capability. “A capable BI system alone typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, and ProfitZoom embeds this capability at no additional cost,” adds Knopf. Being a tightly integrated, cohesively designed system, the software covers all the key aspects of a field service organization, from sales, customer relationship management,and enhanced quoting to digital work orders.

The firm offers a one of a kind mobility and offline mobility service. “Our mobile offering can uniquely benefit field service businesses as long as the technician is online once, in the morning or the night before, enabling him to continue functioning the entire day,while being offline,” explains Knopf.

A capable BI system alone typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, and ProfitZoom embeds this capability at no additional cost

This capability is a huge benefit to customers who often work in basements, hospitals and poor signal areas, empowering them to update the service status bi-directionally, throughout the day. The firm also provides a unique customer portal which follows the workflow all the way through to the customer, managing their own schedules and viewing individual invoices.

ProfitZoom has helped many customers cut job costs through its integrated software platform. Chicago Metropolitan Fire Prevention (CMFP) is a widely recognized leader in the life safety and security industry in the Chicago Metropolitan area. “The client was using paper based systems to handle their safety equipments and documents which was time consuming and costly,” comments Knopf. By deploying ProfitZoom, the customer could completely integrate the processes in a single system, providing the ability to attach documents and scan files while eliminating use of paper and reducing job costs.

ProfitZoom was created in response to a need among Fire and Life Safety companies and has been successful in providing robust field service management solutions over the years in Fire and Life Safety, Security and other verticals. Moving forward, the company is constantly innovating and has plans to soon release ProfitZoom 2016 with the latest field service and back office capabilities. “This would help customers discover and implement key best practices and enable them to increase efficiency and productivity,” concludes Knopf.


Norcross, GA

Paul Knopf, CEO

Provider of field service software solutions and services with a unique customer portal