Project (EU): Streamlining Business Processes with Managed Private Cloud Solutions

Donna Butchart, Managing Director
Exploring new ways to gain insights into one’s business through the simplicity of the cloud and data visualization is the essence of Oracle’s business analytics platform. Leveraging Oracle’s BI platform to manage an enterprise’s IT lifecycle, Prōject, an independent business consultancy, specializes in complete and integrated solutions across the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Fusion and Business Intelligence (BI) applications. CIOs often strive to gain visibility into their organizations through several solutions and business processes. Donna Butchart, Managing Director, Prōject states, “Limited business expenditure continues to restrain organizations from adopting advanced technologies, which means organizations are unable to realize their business objectives.” She also adds, “The lack of tools to deliver business intelligence as well as the ability to handle large and complex IT systems also hamper productivity.” Addressing these issues with Oracle’s integrated business solutions, Donna elaborates, “We take a joined approach aligning clients’ existing provisions, vision, and budget to create a solution that best suits their business need.” Much of the company’s skills lie in enabling management to gain insights and business, technical, and functional expertise.

Prōject uses a model office development methodology for Oracle’s technologies across all disciplines and phases of a project. This has positive cost and resource benefits for the client.

Prior to deploying any technology, Prōject implements its model office system within an organization. “We first provide them a model office environment well before they proceed to the real-world application,” explains Donna. With the team’s renowned expertise in Oracle, Prōject’s trained professionals deliver extensive consulting services to ensure that the client gets required support on-site, to meet the management needs. Prōpel, Prōject’s cloud-based Oracle project management solution, leverages business analytics to provide project and program controls for large organizations. Built around Oracle’s EBS, Prōpel delivers top tier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for an affordable monthly fixed cost.

One of Prōject’s customers, who made very large investments in Oracle’s business applications such as Oracle Projects, Primavera, and Business Analytics, deployed the company’s model office development methodology to further augment their in-house operations.

We take a joined approach aligning clients’ existing provisions, vision, and budget to create a solution that best suits their business need

The model office implemented by Prōject initially consisted of Oracle’s EBS, OBIEE, OBIA and Primavera P6 applications which enabled the client to explore features without the difficulties associated with building something new in-house. As the use of the model office has grown, applications such as Project and Portfolio Management and Endeca were introduced to help provide greater insights into their data. Specifically, the introduction of Endeca, moving into the Big Data Discovery application, is opening up a new world of performance and visual analysis that was previously unheard of, transforming raw data into business insights within minutes.

With these additions from the model office approach, the client was able to customize their restricted production environment with the knowledge that their solutions had been tried and tested. Donna explains that, “We could explore new features in a much quicker way than they could in their own environment.”

Applying the proof of concept methods in their customers’ business operations, Donna believes that, “This combination is the reason for our continued growth in a mature and crowded market, where we successfully compete with larger organizations.” Donna further states that, “it is not just the technological intelligence, but our roots in business operations that drive growth and success.” Adding to this strong foundation, the company’s core leadership team innovates leading edge products keeping pace with the changing trends. The company is rigorously investing in cloud and mobile solutions and is certain to launch some exciting products in the early part of next year. Alongside this, Prōject will continue to complement Oracle platform, particularly in the business analysis arena. Reflecting on the current market scenario, Donna concludes, “Gone are the days where companies spend a long time developing a solution; ‘time is ripe’ for model office development approach.”

Project EU

Hertfordshire, UK

Donna Butchart, Managing Director

Prōject EU is an independent consultancy specialized in complete, integrated solutions across the Oracle E-Business suite and business intelligence applications