Project Execution Network: Business Process Based Enterprise Mobility

Fran Livingston, Founder & CEO
Enterprise Mobility is an advanced technology that many tech-savvy SMBs dream of implementing. However, making the mobile transition often demands robust EMM capabilities and high investment costs to manage the efforts of local and remote staff members. Fran Livingston, Founder and CEO of Project Execution Network wanted to change this singular belief by creating a web-based eBusiness platform, allowing SMBs to perform work in specified business process scenarios using any device, while leveraging technologies that facilitate remote access to data at an affordable cost. Livingston laid the foundation of Project Execution Network specifically to help SMBs fully harness the power of enterprise mobility and foster collaboration among their workforce, regardless of the location.

ProjexTeam, the company’s eBusiness platform, enables SMBs to plan, staff, and execute strategic business development projects efficiently and affordably. The web-based platform includes integrated and modular capabilities to empower internal and external teams to collaborate, communicate, coordinate, and control business functions from anywhere. “The platform provides a powerful combination of built-in tools and add-on business process optimization applications that help distributed resources organize, access, and perform work assignments effectively,” states Livingston.

Embedded with a collaboration engine, team calendar, document management, file sharing, project planning, activity tracking and a learning management system, ProjexTeam helps SMBs to create store, organize, share, and access information with ease and flexibility. “Five business process applications are built on top of this common core: strategy/business planning, marketing automation, sales enablement, IT/business process optimization and HR/organizational development,” says Livingston. Each application includes a set of analytics-based planning tools, along with strategy execution software and decision support resources. From design templates to function-adding plugins and integrated applications, ProjexTeam delivers the capabilities required to create high-performance distributed teams.

The firm’s eBusiness platform also leverages WordPress as a framework, enabling SMBs to take advantage of a wide range of existing open source extensions and readily available contract resources to custom-tailor platform features to their specific requirements.

ProjexTeam enables SMBs to plan, staff and execute strategic business development projects efficiently and affordably

“WordPress also simplifies the integration of the e-business platform with an organization’s website and/or webstore,” says Livingston.

The ProjexTeam platform fully supports internal and BYOD strategies. SMBs can deploy Project Execution Network’s Mobile Device Management service to support BYOD programs, providing fast, secure access to corporate data from company, employee or contractor-supplied computing and communication devices. “We also pride ourselves on our optional virtual office environment that provides unified communication tools to remote team members for seamless interaction—as if they were physically present in one location. “Additionally, globally sourced support services can be supplied on demand, directly through the user’s ProjexTeam platform and this plug-in talent capability eliminates the biggest problem with legacy staffing methods.”

TCI Corporation of Milwaukee, a world leader in industrial power quality products, deployed ProjexTeam platform to facilitate its sales enablement efforts. “To date, by utilizing ProjexTeam, TCI has been able to reduce product launch cycles by 60 percent and increase selling time by 10 to 15 percent,” explains Livingston. Also, the client has significantly improved the hit rates among their 150 external sales representatives and distributors.

Project Execution Network’s roadmap for the ProjexTeam platform incorporates the framework for IoT applications and advanced software research tools. “In addition, new business process applications are being researched, including supply chain management and virtual CFO capabilities to help small and midsize businesses achieve their objectives for growth and profitability,” concludes Livingston.

Project Execution Network

Cranberry Township, PA

Fran Livingston, Founder & CEO

Provides an eBusiness platform which specifically helps SMBs fully realize the benefits of enterprise mobility and fosters collaboration among their workforce

Project Execution Network