Project Management Associates: Adding Strategic Value to Projects through Highly Adaptable Solutions

Lou Pereira, CEO
Project management has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade with its ability to combine and balance the elements of time, budget, scope, and people. However, while actualizing projects, these elements are often complicated to administer. “It is challenging to demonstrate a project’s value and the budget required to support it to the business units,” says Lou Pereira, CEO, Project Management Associates (PMA). Also, with the expansion of multi-tenant cloud environments and mobility, CIOs are concerned about strategically adopting these technologies for customer satisfaction. PMA—a provider of project portfolio, professional services automation, time and expense management software— enables organizations to view statuses through the entire project life cycle. The company focuses on better predicting a project’s completion time and budget in an uncomplicated manner.

“Our tools deliver easy techniques to organize and manage work, and report the progress conveniently through our solution for the entire enterprise,” explains Pereira. The solutions provided by PMA are available globally and are compatible with any device, elevating mobility. These solutions enable access to information on any particular project and personalize the client’s portfolio. “Personal experience is what matters to us, and our solutions assure that the accessible information is relevant,” adds Pereira. PMA presents a complete project portfolio management solution in two platforms, for professional service organization that focus on billable projects, and for IT organizations that focus on supporting and delivering internal projects. In addition, the company’s PMA Time is a one-timecard for processing projects, payrolls, and tracking employee leaves, while, PMA Expense automates and simplifies expense reporting and reimbursements. One-timecard discards the re-entering procedure and sends the leave records to the respective payroll systems for deducting and collecting balances accordingly. Thereby, the progress is visible in real time, enabling organizations to eradicate the cost of redundant systems.

PMA’s solutions provide a PPM environment that is a perfect blend of financial management and project execution capabilities. Disrupting the portfolio management space, PMA has introduced a new concept called Cadence projects that counters conventional time consuming project management models with better predictability for work that is often considered “other work”.
Employees report time to cadence projects similar to planned projects. Instead of over allocating resource assignments with best guesses from the work/resource manager, cadence projects can convert actual hours reported by person, by period and use these time phased actuals to become the next period time phased planned assignments. This new feature reduces and sometimes eliminates resource over-allocations. The estimates are much more predictable by person. PMA has specialized online reports for measuring any Cadence variance over time within a project. Completing your projects on time and budget becomes easier because the other work that consumes resource is now visible and predictable.

Our tools deliver easy techniques to organize and manage work, and report the progress conveniently through applications for the entire enterprise

With the vision to streamline the various activities involved in project management, PMA has successfully implemented its solutions in a spectrum of industries. For instance, Mass Medical Society’s IT department needed to determine the performance of the resources assigned to projects. In order to assist the firm, PMA implemented Cadence’s project to measure the predictability and productivity of the workforce. Thereby, PMA delivered the client with a personalized cadence statistical model, helping evaluate peak time and general productivity to meet their demand and supply curves in project productivity.

Moving forward, PMA desires to increase its presence in the professional services markets while collaborating with ERP vendors that provide the needed financial matrix. PMA aims to continue delivering one-timecard and the tools that give project managers a very personal experience with their applications

Project Management Associates

Canton, MA

Lou Pereira, CEO

A provider of project portfolio, professional services automation, time and expense management software for businesses in the service industries