Project Management Leadership Group (PMLG): Experiential-based Project Management Strategy

William T. Stewart, President & CEO
Today, the project management strategies are at the epicenter of the way organizations function—helping successfully deliver projects. However, the traditional project management approaches fail to support project managers in tackling various challenges associated with project delivery such as strategic execution of project in pre-defined timescale and budget constraints, bringing together geographically dispersed project teams, and more. Amidst these diverse complexities, an organization needs to entail the right combination of a skilled project manager, efficient resources, and latest process management systems, resulting in successful project executions—this is where Project Management Leadership Group (PMLG) steps in. “We help enterprises rapidly transform to a culture of strategic execution excellence through our comprehensive project, program and portfolio management platform coupled with experiential-based training and support,” says William T. Stewart, President and CEO, Project Management Leadership Group (PMLG). “PMLG focuses on supporting IT organizations by bringing instant productive change through visibility, collaboration, and communication across different stages of project execution.”

As a premium project management consulting firm, PMLG empowers organizations with reliable project, program, and portfolio management tools and techniques for swift and sustainable transformation to execution excellence. PMLG’s web-based project, program and portfolio management toolkit—PMeXecutive offers a unified platform that facilitates easy-to-use processes, intuitive project management guidelines, and customized process templates. “Our easily scalable methodologies have instant impact on the leader’s ability to conduct project, program, and portfolio management,” states Stewart. Further, the firm provides a turnkey implementation approach to implementing PMOs or taking them to the next level. The onsite IT Certified Project Manager (ITCPM) Boot Camp or 4 day Mini Boot Camp provides immediate behavior change by providing leaders with the skills, confidence, and discipline to begin immediately applying what they have learned.

Aiding to its project management suite, PMLG delivers advanced training and consulting services, providing project managers with the capability to rapidly enhance their skills, in a realistic and challenging project environment. “Project managers enrolled in our experiential-based immersion training, learn through the application of practical and proven tools and techniques, driving successive behavioral change that enables managers to quickly apply this knowledge into projects and programs, from day one,” says Stewart.

We help enterprises rapidly transform to a culture of strategic execution excellence through our comprehensive project management platform coupled with experiential-based training and support

The intense five-day training helps project managers develop efficient and effective team building and problem solving abilities, allowing them to mitigate the causes of strategic failure and to successfully deliver projects of all sizes and complexity for their organization. In addition, PMLG also facilitates maturity assessment services, enabling clients to identify their current maturity state and provide a roadmap to their vision of strategic execution excellence.

In one instance, PMLG assisted a global IT corporation of 60,000 employees to successfully achieve project, program, and portfolio governance excellence, across the organization, over a period of 6 months. “With the help of our strategic project management solution, the client rolled out a global PMO, two regional PMOs, and gained consistency across the organization,” explains Stewart. “Client was able to improve the project success rate by 60 percent and reduce the rework cost by more than 35 percent.” Apart from the turnkey PMeXecutive implementation and onsite support, PMLG also conducted an ITCPM boot camp, providing experiential-based training for client’s 500 project management leaders, fostering their leadership potential.

Furthermore, PMLG is planning to include innovative virtualization tools to help project managers communicate in a more interactive manner with their execution team. “We will continue to develop tools and techniques that will help managers take data-driven decisions and increase problem solving ability to drive faster collaboration and boost project execution efficiency,” concludes Stewart.

Project Management Leadership Group

Atlanta, GA

William T. Stewart, President & CEO

Delivers a web-based project management tool combined with experiential-based implementation training and support, helping their clients rapidly move to a culture of strategic execution excellence

Project Management Leadership Group