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Bob Klunk and Shlomi Amouyal
Even as technology has made selling online easy, for numerous small and midsized retailers running an ecommerce venture comes with a fair share of challenges. Consider the case of countless brands selling their merchandise through their websites, and publishing their goods on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon, besides brick and mortar stores. Often, they struggle to individually address each of the different channels in use. They are unable to have a consolidated view of all their inventories and transactions across multiple channels while challenges crop up in fulfillment and logistics. What brands need is a gateway into all the sales channels through one enterprise-level solution to see and manage everything at the same place while efficiently reducing the total selling cost. “We provide the technology at a physical network that makes it an Amazon alternative with all the tools, visibility, and connection transparency needed to run a retail e-commerce business,” says Bob Klunk, COO of Project Verte.

Besides enabling the retailers to focus on their customers and enjoy the technology and capabilities of Amazon, Project Verte saves them the capital expenditure, maintenance, and time to manage multiple platforms separately. “Historically, whenever there was a monolithic power, someone created a rebellion by coming up with something different. And that is us,” remarks Klunk.

Project Verte fulfilled the need for a ubiquitous platform by building one that can be readily accessed by anyone. The company’s full circle e-commerce solution connects the power of many brands into a multi-seller environment, giving them access to a national physical network of facilities. The company has a 750,000 sq. ft warehouse in Atlanta functioning on robotic goods-to-person automation that can receive and send products quickly. In addition, setting up new client integrations takes just minutes or hours. “The Project Verte platform has been designed to facilitate sell-anywhere, fulfill-anywhere, and manage-anywhere in no time,” says Padmanabhan Raman, CPO of Project Verte.

Digging further, Raman says, “The idea behind our platform to be on the blockchain is to enable transparency with visibility into the entire supply chain, which in turn, allows a trust capability in the community.”
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The purpose-driven collaborative and interactive platform also provides brands with regular feedback on their growth. “We set up AI and ML models to aggregate and analyze the brand’s data in real-time, giving them a clear insight on their business and the possible room for improvement,” adds Shlomi Amouyal, CTO of Project Verte.

We are a fourth or fifth generation Amazon focused on mutual purpose

The Project Verte system is built for two types of communication. While vendors can subscribe to the microservices layer to gain all the resources and capabilities, the public API allows easy integration to external e-commerce systems, helping retailers attain global inventory visibility and order creation. The platform leveraging the microservices and public APIs, facilitates service providers of fulfilment solutions and warehouses to connect to the Verte fulfillment network. “We are breaking the enterprise siloes to draw on the advantage of the existing warehouses and fulfillment density that even Amazon can never imagine building,” remarks Klunk. “We are providing an integration layer while each one of them adds to the power of the collective.” With a seamlessly integrated network of partner facilities and the entire order orchestration, the benefits for the seller are manifold. They are able to decrease the costs by three times, increase the speed of delivery by four times, and enhance the overall efficiency by ten times.

Project Verte enhances the real-time handling of inventory and orders in a consolidated platform, saving time and enabling brand growth. “We are a fourth or fifth generation Amazon focused on mutual purpose,” concludes Amouyal.

Project Verte

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Bob Klunk and Shlomi Amouyal and Padmanabhan Raman

Project Verte manages all back-end e-commerce operations in one place, with a network of warehouses, advanced warehouse technology, management software, and inventory tracking - underpinned by AI and blockchain to help retailers become smarter and more competitive through data forecasting and transparency