Project X Ltd: Data Solutions Augmented With MicroStrategy

Stephen Hayward, CEO
Metadata and data governance play important roles in information technology today. Services like Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and big data analytics are aiding corporations to leverage their data-handling resources better. To meet this end, CIOs have to pick the solution which is compatible with their existing infrastructure and working methodology. In addition, CIOs need to identify the value-adding big data solutions and ensure that it is cost-effective and can be rapidly integrated with short downtimes. A big data advisory and support boutique, Project X Ltd, aims to change this paradigm by offering cost-effective and intuitive solutions to help clients find and adopt solutions that will help to leverage big data and gain true return on investment.

The firm offers services from MicroStrategy (MSTR), a BI architecture and reporting solution provider, capable of presenting business intelligence in a format that is easily understood. “We help our clients in presenting data in a format that is easy to comprehend and help them in developing insightful solutions from the data,” says Stephen Hayward, CEO of Project X Ltd. The company was an early adopter of MSTR’s solutions and work exclusively on the platform in the area of BI. “We work solely on the MSTR analytics tool which gives us in-depth knowledge and years of experience in leveraging MSTR for many big data applications,” says Hayward. The MSTR platform gives users immense capability in deciphering big data and gaining actionable insight through its analysis.

In addition, Project X Ltd offers Master Data Management (MDM) services designed to reduce the complexity in managing the client’s master data effectively. “We help our clients in implementing the MDM solutions in a resource optimized manner,” says Hayward. Prior to deployment, Project X Ltd also ensures that the product is compatible with the client’s budget, architecture, and operational methodology.

Maintaining a sharp focus on solutions deployed, helps Project X in assisting the clients when needed. “We believe in building customer relationships and help our clients in implementing change and adopting new technology,” says Hayward.

We help our clients by presenting their data in a format that is easy to comprehend which helps them in developing insightful solutions from the data

By studying the whole ecosystem and how the technology can be leveraged to help the client, Project X Ltd has devised innovative strategies and solution models, based around key big data trends to add value to their clientele.

In one instance, a large telecommunications company, wanted to adopt a big data solution and approached Project X Ltd. The telecom company had little knowledge on big data management and their existing systems suffered from performance issues when attempting to run analytics on the data. Project X Ltd used the company’s existing technology and added GeoDash, a light-weight location intelligence tool that integrates geospatial functions into MSTR, and completed the prototype build in two weeks and further developed it to give the Telco the big data capabilities they required. This is one example of how Project X Ltd works with clients to deliver solutions quickly and effectively while giving results after short sprints to ensure we are moving forward in the right direction.

Project X Ltd believes that Enterprise Data Management (EDM) will continue to become more challenging for clients. Cloud technology and big data will play an important role in the enterprise infrastructure landscape and Project X Ltd is poised to help clients in making smooth transitions onto these platforms. The firm will also aid clients in differentiating between realistic and value-adding solutions from hyped-empty solutions. “We will continue helping our clients work through both the success and failures of technology platforms,” concludes Hayward.

Project X Ltd

Ontario, Canada

Stephen Hayward, CEO

This is a consulting and implementation firm focusing largely on business intelligence and data warehousing for enterprise customers