ProjectsForce: A Comprehensive CRM Strategy

Chad Thomas, CEO
The CRM software helps a company to engage more customers and remain competitive in today’s cut-throat business world. However, the current trend in the market suggests that almost every CRM provider is trying to capture customer information with the intent to drive sales. Enter ProjectsForce, a business management and IT consulting organization that follows a unique path when it comes to providing customized CRM solutions to its clients. “Sales is a key element for every enterprise, but service, in our opinion, is a much larger element of a business. Therefore, our approach is to not only allow clients to follow-up on sales but also to enhance the customer service for their end users,” says Chad Thomas, CEO of ProjectsForce. “We don’t just provide software solutions, but a comprehensive business strategy.” Catering innovative solutions majorly to the home improvement construction industry—which has been slow to adopt modern technology—ProjectsForce has sailed way ahead of its competition.

“What sets us apart is that we spend a lot of time with our contractor clients and render customized solutions according to their unique needs. From the outset, we try to understand the manner in which our clients operate their business and also the needs of their employees up to the individual level,” says Thomas. ProjectsForce is able to generate a plan based on how the client wants their company to be perceived by the partners, vendors, and customers.

Traditionally, contractors dealt with large collections of data, including contact numbers, addresses, and site locations of the contracts. All this information was provided by an array of sources that consisted of third-party vendors, business partners, and retailers who emailed the documents. In the absence of a proper system, the contractors had to type in all the details in spreadsheets. ProjectsForce has completely disrupted the status quo, for good. By setting up an intuitive, automated server to facilitate the migration of all the documents into their CRM platform ProjectsForce is helping clients better manage the existing and upcoming projects.

We don’t just provide software solutions, but a comprehensive business strategy

The platform integrates with various third-party software available to the home improvement contractors to provide their staff with detailed customer information and other work-related data. Besides, it helps companies to do away with legacy manual practices that required the staff to enter data into multiple systems. Because the contractor industry is brimming with companies who use different languages, ProjectsForce has designed its software to support multiple languages. What is more, ProjectsForce also provides HR consulting services to companies that lack a full-time HR department, or unable to afford one.

With an overarching CRM strategy, ProjectsForce has made a difference in the fortune of many companies. For instance, one of its clients, a small plumbing company was struggling to improve its business as it lacked proper resources and was on the verge of bankruptcy. ProjectsForce analyzed their problems and provided them a new customized technology solution. Within a short span of time, the client witnessed a phenomenal boost in revenue, enabling them to expand into multiple states.

Backed by a proven track record of delivering significant results, ProjectsForce has assisted various customers from across the U.S. and guided them to achieve their desired outcomes. As big-box retailers are striving to expand into the services arena, ProjectsForce is looking forward to help those retail companies, helping them to setup services and deliver enhanced customer satisfaction in the journey.


Zieglerville, PA

Chad Thomas, CEO

Provides customized CRM solutions backed by business management and IT consulting services for small businesses and home improvement contractors