Prolifics: Leveraging DevOps to Deliver Simplicity and Speed for Customized IT Solutions

With a 37-year history of delivering complex custom software solutions for their clients across IBM, Microsoft and Open Source platforms, Prolifics understands the importance of DevOps. A global technology solution provider, Prolifics adopted DevOps approaches and built continuous integration and deployment tools long before the term “DevOps” was coined. Their methods and unique automation assets enable them to reduce code integration issues, speed up testing cycles, and ultimately provide quality deliverables to their clients ahead of schedule.

Prolifics has recently made their methodologies, tools, and expertise available to their clients seeking to implement similar end-to-end, efficiency boosting techniques for their own teams—spanning the full lifecycle of continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated provisioning, and continuous testing.

“We start with a DevOps Advisory service that allows us to analyze the client’s current practice and tools and create a roadmap for optimizing release pipelines,” says Greg Hodgkinson, Practice Director for Prolifics. He explains that although the DevOps solution elements will be similar, the trick is in finding how best to overlay them on the existing processes, teams, and tools. Prolifics’ consultants then work with the client to set up the necessary processes and automation and to coach the client teams in the practices that deliver targeted benefits. “DevOps is not limited to any specific portion of the IT organization. When introduced properly, it should deliver change and value to every part of the organization,” Hodgkinson asserts.

Prolifics has made investments into building assets to help their clients more quickly leverage DevOps concepts by accelerating their DevOps adoption. Prolifics’ Pure Simplification solution enables organizations to simplify and automate both environment provisioning and application deployment using pre-built, customizable patterns. The Prolifics Build Conductor solution provides off-the-shelf automation steps that assemble, deploy, and test for a wide range of application platforms across the entire Enterprise Architecture.

We start with a DevOps Advisory service that allows us to analyze their current practice and tools and create a roadmap for optimizing release pipelines

Gregory Hodgkinson, Practice Director Lifecycle Tools Methodology
The product is designed specifically to accelerate DevOps efforts, ensuring that continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous quality automated processes can be set up quickly and easily without the requirement of any custom scripting. Prolifics testing accelerators include BA360 and Effecta, tools that automatically generate and measure results of test cases as aligned to specific business objectives.

Having a very strong focus on business outcomes, Prolifics has helped its clients to leverage technology to overcome challenges and innovate quickly. For instance, one of their clients in the music industry faced a problem with tracking the rapidly increasing volume and complexity of mediums through which music is played. The client’s ability to deliver new IT innovation was crucial to keeping them relevant and competitive in their business. Prolifics helped drive the client’s DevOps strategy to allow their teams to keep up with the demand for IT innovation. “We have incrementally set up Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Quality across 10 different application platforms,” recalls Hodgkinson.

Moving forward, “we are re-launching our DevOps offering; building on the incredible success we have had with clients in this area. There are many organizations who could benefit from embracing our DevOps approach to accelerate their innovation,” states Hodgkinson.

Headquartered in Calabasas, CA, Prolifics has offices in 5 countries spanning North America, Europe and India. The company has recently expanded their footprint into Canada by acquiring Stream Integration—a leader in information management and analytics. This acquisition has strengthened Prolifics’ presence in the big data and analytics space and will enhance the company’s position as a provider of customized enterprise-class technology solutions.


Calabasa, CA

Gregory Hodgkinson, Practice Director Lifecycle Tools Methodology

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