Prolifiq Software: Simplifying Customer Engagement through Mobile-First Software

Jeff Gaus, CEO
The global life sciences industry is undergoing significant transformation, pivoting to develop, manufacture, and distribute more advanced and effective therapies and treatments, faster and more effectively. In parallel, governments, payers and providers are striving to improve outcomes, increase availability, reduce costs and bring value to the dramatically changing healthcare landscape. Embracing a user-centric, mobile-first mindset, Prolifiq architected unique best-in-class sales applications, consulting services, and insights for life sciences companies worldwide. The firm leverages solutions to help medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies commercialize innovative therapies that improve patient outcomes.

“Life Sciences marketers know they must be digital; by integrating the sales channel, digital content, and insights provided by contextual data, marketers and sales teams now work in lock-step to best engage healthcare providers,” says Jeff Gaus, CEO, Prolifiq Software. Companies use Prolifiq’s patented technology and apps to engage providers, payers and patients and measure results using controlled compliant content. Company employees see only the apps they need; workflows and audience segmentation ensure access to the latest, approved content and resources; and, the Good Promotional Practices rules engine ensures customer conversations and transactions are compliant and measurable.

“We are constantly developing and extending our capabilities across three broad areas: mobility, sales enablement and CRM technologies, and data analytics,” elaborates Gaus. Prolifiq’s mobile software solution—7200 View, Dynamic Planning and Mobile Engagement empower life science marketing and sales teams to assess, anticipate, and act, whenever and wherever, to drive better patient outcomes. The solution also enables effective collaboration with unified coordination technology—which allows all internal team members, not just field reps, to collaborate around specific customer accounts to deliver a seamless and quality experience.

We give the right solution for the right task across the Life Sciences commercial process

With this insight, account teams are not limited to historical and/or siloed information; they now anticipate and present critical information so providers can make the best treatment decisions.

“We provide the right solution for the right task across the life sciences commercial lifecycle,” asserts Gaus. “We deliver results, on time and within budget.” Prolifiq reimagines customer relationship management and serves many innovative medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. For example, Stryker Medical—a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm, approached Prolifiq because they wanted a “one-stop shop” where reps could easily find content, communicate with healthcare providers, and stay in sync with the home office. Though they had a number of apps and internal websites, very few were actively used and reps could never seem to find the content they needed. Before Prolifiq’s mobile software solutions, the reps were more scattered and less engaged. In such a scenario, the shift to mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets changed the way Stryker’s sales team interacted thereafter and improved the field sales force’s engagement and productivity. Prolifiq’s platform meets the needs of this high-velocity, geographically dispersed sales team, productivity and effectiveness are up and they report Prolifiq is “mission-critical” to their business.

“Systems of innovation are needed for Life Sciences companies to rapidly respond to changing market opportunities,” says Gaus. Prolifiq has a proven record of delivering solutions to drive the commercial success of many of the most innovative life sciences companies.

Prolifiq Software

Beaverton, OR

Jeff Gaus, CEO

Prolifiq provides unique best-in-class sales applications, consulting services, and insights for life sciences companies worldwide

Prolifiq Software