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Prabhu Patil, President & CEO
Prabhu Patil, garnering 22 years of experience while working with various organizations in various roles, oversaw the creation of PROLIM, to enable customers gain the efficiencies of fully digital infrastructure. Since its inception in the early 21st century the Farmington Hills, MI based firm through its team of independent highly-skilled professionals brings excellent work value in comprehensive CAD engineering services on multiple platforms. PROLIM intends to aid global companies to strategically deal with their customer business problems by offering a number of cutting-edge design solutions—NX, Solid Edge, and NX CAM Express.

The firm’s Solid Edge—a complete 3D CAD system uses synchronous technology for expediting mechanical design, faster revisions, and better imported reuse that helps companies design better. It coherently integrates design management, CAD and web-based collaboration with a superior core modeling and process workflows and fully integrated design management. The Solid Edge’s synchronous technology assists projects towards precise design solution, eliminating the need to spend time and resources defining a database schema or configuring data management functions.

NX software—PROLIM’s comprehensive solution for digital product development integrates high performance design, tooling, document a t ion , simulation, and manufacturing. This solution ameliorates the companies to deliver better products faster and more systematic. Furthermore, the NX solution automates and streamlines the design by leveraging product and process knowledge—gained from real world experience and industry practices resulting in reduced cycle times, costs, and improved quality. Adding momentum to Solid Edge and NX the firm’s NX CAM Express, a CAD-neutral machining software application provides superior programming range and depth, administering maxi-mum machine tool performance. This software being an in-depth, highly flexible system allows the designers to multiply the value of their investments in most capable and efficient machine tools.

The extensive market surveys and product research helps PROLIM’s Industrial Designers to incisively adopt innovative concepts—adding value to their services.

Produce-ability, quality, performance, reliability, and serviceability are few factors that are constantly involved under PROLIM’s product engineering

They deal with the most efficient and effective development of ideas through a process that directs to advanced viable and profitable products. Produce-ability, quality, performance, reliability, and serviceability are few factors that are constantly involved under PROLIM’s product engineering. These in-house processes, frameworks and material and design library helps to reduce the time consumed in preparing for designs and their changes.

In order to reduce design decisions from end products the firm’s Reverse Engineering process discovers the technological principles of the device used, detailed analysis of its structure, function and operation. With this process, products can be scanned and measured with the help of 3D Laser scanner, structured light digitizers and then reconstruct it as a 3D model. Resultantly, this further processes the model into a more usable format— triangular faced mesh, a set of NURBS surfaces or a CAD model, and this 2D CAD model is used for the manufacturing and further references. Vindicating such expertise, PROLIM has undertaken a number of aircraft modifications and fulfilled numerous AOG recoveries and repairs in the aerospace sector.

Being one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., PROLIM is all set to expand its operations steadily over the next few years to become a recognized brand worldwide. The firm gives prime importance in being looked upon as a customer focused company rather than being product focused. PROLIM intends to harness the customer requisites by adding more satellite offices in major metropolitan centers. The company on a progressive note envisions reaching customers beyond borders and delivering efficacious services in the west and east coasts of the U.S., Canada and Europe and Asia.


Farmington Hills, MI

Prabhu Patil, President & CEO

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