PROLOGICS: Unifying Process Planning and Workflow Automation

Robert Hutter, Founder & CEO
As business processes are becoming more virtual, integrated and mobile with every passing day, fragmentation is hitting a new high. Quite often, organizations use products from a variety of vendors that require integration into existing ecosystem to avoid bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Keeping businesses up and running in the midst of these ever changing industry trends is not the simplest tasks, and this is where PROLOGICS comes in. The company is a reputed Business Process Management (BPM) vendor that has the expertise to streamline processes and make organizations more agile.

Planning and automation are equally important to effectively manage business processes. However, while certain companies focus much on the initial process planning phase and neglect the workflow execution phase, others tend to do the opposite. PROLOGICS, understanding that neither of these practices will give optimal results, architected the FireStart BPM Suite to be the perfect middleware that unites both these areas. FireStart leverages the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform and delivers an integrated management system with industry leading process planning and workflow automation capabilities. The application links professional process planning, powerful workflow automation and indepth process analytics in one unified solution. “We tackle bottlenecks and cost drivers the right way to improve business outcomes and reduce risks in the supply chain,” says Robert Hutter, Founder and CEO, PROLOGICS. FireStart BPM makes managing a product like Microsoft Dynamics AX‘s application development life cycle and customization a seamless task.

We are the only vendor in the Microsoft ecosystem who provides a true BPM Suite with unified process planning and workflow capabilities

“We are the only vendor in the Microsoft ecosystem to provide a true BPM suite with unified process planning and workflow capabilities,” states Hutter. This means, companies no longer have to choose between pure process modeling vendors and pure workflow vendors; they can get the best of both worlds from PROLOGICS. Over the years, the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of FireStart BPM Suite has won several awards for managing complex environments in a user-friendly way.

With BPM set to become the core organizational topic of the future, PROLOGICS has a proven track record of building professional management systems on top of SharePoint in over ten different verticals. For instance, PayLife Bank–the largest provider of credit card payments in Austria–has only a team of 300 to processes over millions of transactions a year. As a central financial service provider, it is important for PayLife to pay close attention to service quality and customer satisfaction, which rides on efficient planning and exact execution of internal and external processes. PROLOGICS used FireStart together with SharePoint to deliver a management system for the process reorganization. The company first designed the central process landscape in FireStart and then built workflow application scenarios for human resources management within that platform. The automation of end-to-end processes provided the client with improved process transparency across the whole company. The solution coordinated cross-application execution of workflows and reduced manual post-editing of business data, while easing the risks and improving processing time.

Moving forward, PROLOGICS intends to expand its global market reach, while also growing its partner networks within the Microsoft ecosystem. Hutter has plans to put FireStart on the cloud later this year and continue to implement best practices and solutions for customers helping them jump-start into BPM successfully. “We want to eliminate e-mails and replace them with workflow supported tasks, make IT more usercentric and increase corporate agility and transparency with cloud-enabled processes,” adds Hutter in regard to the future goals of PROLOGICS.


Linz, Austria

Robert Hutter, Founder & CEO

An Independent software vendor in the field of Business Process Management (BPM) that offers FireStart BPM suite