ProMax Unlimited: Integrated Solutions for Automotive Dealers

John Palmer, CEO
Spearheaded by John Palmer, ProMax Unlimited provides services such as Desking, lead generation, inventory, Internet Lead Management, Dealer website and Customer Relation Management solutions to the automotive dealers.

Besides providing the technical solutions, ProMax also offers legal compliance solution which is one of the important areas that struggle automotive dealers with presence of lawsuits, audits and fraud. ProMax Unlimited has been helping out its customers with its automated compliance solution to deal with legal compliance.

The desking platform developed by the company presents comprehensive comparisons of lease and retail options and calculations for instant payment. The finance tools instantly produce all possible lendervehicle combinations available to the customer, sorted by maximum profit or days in stock.
The inventory management service offered by the company integrates with diverse Data Management Systems, generates custom reports to track current and sold inventory. It also sends inventory to the third party sites that is updated directly through the ProMax Unlimited System.

The users can access ProMax services through their tablet or smartphones with the ProMax Mobile feature that supports all web browsers. ProMax Mobile also supports the ProMax configurations and settings and the display gets automatically balanced depending upon the screen size of the device. The company also offers custom designed websites for automotive, backed with inventory report for managing website inventory. This feature gives dealers the competitive advantage over others in the business.

The company is leaving no stone unturned to make their customers grow with them and strengthen the relationship.

ProMax Unlimited

Davenport, Lowa

John Palmer, CEO

ProMax Unlimited enables you to translate the vision for success into an achievable daily process, with accountability built into the system every step of the way