Promine: Robust Mine Planning Software to Assist Daily Operations

Yvan Dionne, President
Small things can make a big difference when it comes to mineral exploration” says Yvan Dionne, President, Promine. In mining, the end results may be unexpected and the success lies in finding the right mine locations. A key factor that has helped Dionne to envision Promine, which offers specialized AutoCAD-integrated geological modeling and mine planning software. “Our software is built with a robust interface to meet rigorous mining industry standards and assist the daily operations,” says Dionne.

However, Dionne opines that the current mining industry is facing a downside due to fluctuations in raw material cost. “The pressure on mining companies to be more productive, efficient and profitable has never been greater,” states Dionne.

Establishing a back-up plan during crisis and controlling costs are the other primary concerns. “In mining, it is important to use the given resource productively through quality workforce and process optimization. Unlike earlier days, with the advancement of technology the issues are addressed in a shorter time period now,” explains Dionne. With the help of latest technologies, Promine's mining and geology tools provide balance in flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency to tackle the challenges of an evolving mine site.

For an effective mining sequence, it is important to have an action plan before drilling holes or excavating rocks. The mine planning engineers and geologists design the size and shape of the orebodies. In this scenario, the safety of workers and environment plays a tricky role. To ensure safety, Promine AutoCAD-integrated mine planning software helps to design, analyze, load, and time underground long hole blasts. “With our mining soft¬ware you can use a variety of tools for easy design and customization of every single blast. We also plan the holes in 3D for a better understanding,” says Dionne. Promine’s geological modeling and mine planning software offers a comprehensive mine planning solution with sophisticated modules for an end-to-end geology to mining solution.

The use of AutoCAD has given a competitive edge to Promine, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
“The key advantage of AutoCAD is the automatic drafting tools that can generate several designs with less input thus delivering up-to-date, and standards-based design documentation,” states Dionne.

Our geological modeling and mine planning software offers comprehensive solutions with sophisticated modules for end-to-end geology and mining design

Promine has had many remarkable success stories over the years. A multi¬national mining company with multiple mining operations recently approached Promine to bridge the communication gap between the head office and mining sites. “The head office wanted to have access to the drawings and other data. It was difficult for them to keep a regular update on the changes in real-time,” says Dionne. Promine installed their drawing management solution to bridge the communication gap. The solution gave a clear visibility and accessibility of all the mining operations. “Any changes made to the drawings are immediately reflected in the common database, which made the whole process simple,” adds Dionne.

When pressed about Promine’s next big advancement, Dionne says, “We are on trial with the Cloud offerings to enhance program flexibility and support.” Promine believes in eliminating the complex software-buying process, by providing simple installation and less maintenance. “…Our support team provides complete end-to-end backing for our clients and their individual needs,” adds Dionne. On its forward journey, the company is working on advanced open pit tools for surface operations. “On the geographical front, we are developing significantly in Latin America and our next focus is Australia,” states Dionne.


Quebec, QC

Yvan Dionne, President

Robust mine planning software for easy and successful mining operations.