ProMorphics: Taking Business Analytics to a New Level

CIO VendorSrini Reddy Pagidyala, CEO
Organizations are trying hard to operationalize the value of the data and drive new insights that will have material impact on business across the organization. ProMorphics, a Chicago, IL, based firm, has developed unique Data Smart Organization framework that helps enterprise customers truly leverage the value of the data in a simple step by step manner by getting started with a proof of value where it takes customer data and produce new insights about their business in a very short order and putting together Data Lake and Innovation theater to quickly operationalize the business value of the data by delivering 10’s of big data analytic solutions a year across multiple lines of business in an effort to make the entire enterprise Data Smart.

Founded in 2006, ProMorphics provides reselling and consulting services in deploying big data analytic solutions using SAP, BI and HANA. The company uses vSAP data analytics extensively in various tools to smartly analyze the huge chunks of data from the customers. “At ProMorphics, our prime focus is on value creation for the customer in the constantly evolving nature of the customer’s business challenges and the technology landscape by helping them become Data Smart at all levels of the organization,” says Srini Reddy Pagidyala, CEO, ProMorphics.

While SAP Analytics being the primary focus, ProMorphics has also diversified its offerings by expanding into true Big Data Analytics worldwide. The company engages with customers in three different ways; it executes a Big Data analytics program called as ‘Data Smart Organization (DSO)’ with its industry experts, technologists and data scientists; provides Big Data analytics consultants for customers; and it works with customers on selective projects and releases revenue after milestones are met. “We have over 30 packaged analytic solutions that we leverage in all these engagements to help customers rapidly realize the value,” says Pagidyala.
The company’s offerings on HANA ranges from infrastructure installation services followed by HANA modeling and HANA application development including predictive models, planning and forecasting, mobile and web applications. From HANA support standpoint, ProMorphics delivers HANA performance tuning, upgrades and enhancements.

The holistic approach to operationalizing data-driven innovation culture into the DNA of customer organization sets ProMorphics apart and ahead in the competition. “Customer-centric innovation is what kept us ahead of competition with our relentless focus on continuously driving tangible value from the data that helps customers achieve their short-term and long-term corporate objectives,” says Pagidyala. With this approach, the company has a rich book of success stories on deploying BI and Big Data analytic solutions across various industries.

ProMorphics primarily serves the Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Retail, Financial Services, Automotive and Telecommunication sector. For instance, one of the global high-tech company was trying to address the pain point of bringing the sales personnel globally on to the same page with respect to their metrics, view of the customer, view of the sales in a consistent manner that is simple and easy to understand. ProMorphics rapidly prototyped the solution in iterative manner with sales leadership to get the approval and delivered Sales 360 and Customer 360 applications that is being rolled-out to the sales personnel globally while providing a common platform, common view and common metrics that everyone understands.

With onsite and offshore capability in the Big Data space covering HANA, Hadoop, DataStax, Tableau, Predictive Modeling and Mobile Apps, ProMorphics is confident enough to take advantage of the growth projected in the Big Data space by helping Customer enable data-driven innovations into their culture. ProMorphics foresees to successfully deploy Data Smart Organization (DSO) program to enable data-driven innovations into the culture of customer’s organization and deliver IPbased Services through enterprise ready analytic applications leveraging Big Data technologies.


Srini Reddy Pagidyala, CEO

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