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Tim Kelsey, Managing Director
Marketing agencies often adopt a straightforward business model. They begin by understanding client requirements, design a blueprint of the campaign, and once everything falls into place, they run the campaign and move on. It could not possibly get any simpler than this. However, to what extent can such a process help a client? Is it effective enough to generate quality leads? It is a costly and time-consuming gamble that requires companies to allocate resources, to observe campaigns and ensure success, in spite of having outsourced the entire process to an agency. In essence, the whole purpose behind seeking an agency’s help fails. Companies opt for professional marketing services because they do not have the time, expertise, or resources, to plan and run successful campaigns. They need marketers to understand their motive, develop campaigns from scratch, execute and monitor them, analyze the entire project, and improvise accordingly, without demanding much the company. Pronto Marketing, a Bangkok-based marketing agency, enters the enterprise arena with an approach that fulfills such demands and challenges the marketing status-quo.

“Our business model is simple. We listen to our client’s challenges and create products and services that solve their marketing problems,” says Tim Kelsey, the Managing Director of Pronto Marketing. He continues, “We become an extension of our client’s team, have on-going conversations, and build long-term relationships with them. Such an approach ensures that clients are a part of the entire marketing plan but do not have to invest time or resources to make it successful.”

Pronto Marketing offers a Fully Managed Marketing service, via their virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO), which helps organizations develop a holistic marketing strategy, execute it, and grow the business by continually updating their strategy. The vCMO is a highly experienced consultant from the company who is dedicated to helping clients achieve their marketing goals. They do so by first understanding their customers’ requirements with the help of questionnaires and surveys around the business, their key differentiating factors, target audience and their lifetime value. Such an engagement is then followed up with hour-long phone calls with the business owners, which gives the consultant an elemental knowledge of the entire organization and loopholes in their marketing strategies. With newfound insights, the vCMO then builds a marketing blueprint that goes beyond just advertisements and includes other ways like content marketing, SEO, and e-mail marketing campaigns. The plan is then discussed with clients to check for errors and ensure complete transparency on what is going on.

Our business model is simple. We listen to our client’s challenges and create products and services that solve their marketing problems

When finalized, the campaign is executed! But things do not end there. After the campaign’s launch, the vCMOs gets in touch with their clients to discuss the results, get feedback, understand the amount and type of leads generated from all the marketing channels, and cost per lead. By combining these insights with other data on the performance of the campaign, the vCMO continually modifies strategies and ensures clients a grand ROI with minimal cost per lead. In one instance, a vCMO helped a client reduce their cost per lead from $300 to $100 within one year, which made a huge difference.

Apart from managed marketing services, the company offers an array of marketing solutions. Their trending services include online advertising through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, advanced SEO services, custom blogging services to help clients show up in Google searches more often and provides them with unique SEO rich articles that are written in-house for use across all their marketing channels.

Combined with Pronto Marketing’s end-to-end service, the company can help in building and managing the website through handling ad campaigns and other online marketing activities, which is yet another unique differentiator for the company. “Our vCMO service includes all the benefits mentioned above in addition to the fact we also build and provide ongoing management of our client’s websites. Having to manage fewer vendors is great for clients, it’s usually a cost-saver as well, but most importantly it’s that everything is coordinated end-to-end with our client’s goals in mind,” adds Kelsey.

With such services, Pronto Marketing has grown tremendously with time and has proven capabilities in industries including managed IT services, finance, architecture, and law practitioners. “Our focus for the years to come will be on the vCMO offering. We are going to improve it and bring in global clients as we have received positive feedback from existing clients driven by the results of the campaign and the clients’ overall experience of working with us,” concludes Kelsey.

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Phaya Thai, Bangkok

Tim Kelsey, Managing Director

The mission of Pronto is to be the only web company that people will ever need. They stick to their customers through the long haul and without lengthy contracts. They are a simple web marketing service that works efficiently for its clients with just a monthly payment. They are a team of designers, developers, copywriters, marketers, and advertising experts who come to work each day and help the businesses grow online. They help their customers to focus more on their business, and not their marketing. They listen to marketing problems and creates products and services to solve them

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