Propelex: Business-Focused Cybersecurity Solutions that Fast-Track Digital Transformation

Ammar Fakhruddin, Co-Founder & Partner
A recent study by the World Bank revealed that remote working is driving a 50 percent increase in worldwide internet traffic, which is both a boon and bane for organizations everywhere. The former speaks to the unprecedented improvement in productivity while the latter alludes to the growing number of cybercrime opportunities. Any gap in a company’s cybersecurity architecture invites trouble in the form of data breaches and malware, directly affecting its bottom line, customer confidence, and corporate reputation. Solving this industry-agnostic problem requires nuanced expertise in IT and security, and acquiring them is often difficult and expensive. However, Propelex, a leading cybersecurity solutions firm, assures robust defense against cyber threats spearheaded by its security and privacy experts and the ability to provide value propositions to its customers.

“As a risk-focused organization, we believe that cyber risks need to be managed cost-effectively to avoid disrupting our client’s business,” says Ammar Fakhruddin, co-founder and partner of Propelex.

Propelex has developed a unique approach to address a company’s cybersecurity risks, fueled by its cumulative experience of over fifty years, helping various industries like oil and gas, healthcare, consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing, fintech, biotechnology, and education. The firm first analyzes a client’s business vision, infrastructure size, and cyber security objectives, after which it assesses their existing and potential security shortcomings. This extensive examination enables the IT solutions provider to devise and offer affordable solutions and valuable recommendations to help protect them from cybersecurity threats and privacy gaps while increasing their customer experience delivery and driving ROI.

The Cybersecurity firm provides solutions that allow clients to streamline their digital transformation (DX) processes and overcome many potential cyber challenges. It includes Managed Security Services (MSS), Security and Privacy Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Virtual CISO services.

Propelex’s MSS comprises Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Remediation, enabling organizations to reduce the time taken to identify and tackle threats through real-time security management, remediation roadmaps from security experts, and 24/7 incident response. This empowers clients to secure their assets on-premise or in hybrid and public clouds and frees up bandwidth for their internal security team to focus on pressing concerns. The MSS solution is available in multiple tiers with varied features, granting organizations the freedom to choose services that suit their requirements.

Organizations can engage with Propelex’s team of industry veterans to develop effective strategies and solutions that improve compliance with NIST, CIS, SOC2, OWASP, PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, HITRUST, and HIPAA.
The firm also aids them in setting benchmarks against framework best practices to ensure compliance and adherence to each regulation.

The Red Team Penetration (pen) Testing service offers insights and assists in executing crucial security objectives. It uses a best-of-both-worlds methodology, a mix of manual security expert-led operations and automated tools and technologies, to identify vulnerabilities in a client’s cybersecurity armor. For instance, a healthcare insurance company needed a trusted cybersecurity partner to validate the security of its IT infrastructure, identify security vulnerabilities, and assist them in complying with HIPAA as well. Propelex, through a systematic process, reviewed the client’s cybersecurity capabilities via its network, application, cloud, and physical pen tests. The company also generated a risk rating methodology that reported threat agent factors, vulnerable factors, impact factors, and opportunities for improvement. The collected evidence was compiled and presented to the client, who made the necessary changes to their infrastructure upon recommendations from Propelex.

Additionally, Propelex’s Virtual CISO service provides clients with top-tier cybersecurity and DX experts. Organizations can access the services when necessary without having to recruit an in-house expert, which proves highly cost-effective. Businesses and their employees can also educate themselves on relevant security policies, compliance frameworks, and best practices through the monthly workshops hosted by Propelex.

As a risk-focused organization, we believe that risk needs to be managed cost-effectively to avoid disrupting our client’s business

The effectiveness of the Virtual CISO services is best showcased through the case study of a non-profit healthcare organization that sought to strengthen its defense against cyber threats. First, Propelex helped set up a roadmap to tailor solutions, and devised security visions aligning with organizational goals, and built an internal security team. To manage real and potential cyber threats, the company developed robust risk-mitigating strategies and frameworks, following NIST and CIS compliance standards. Via these Virtual CISO services, Propelex designed incident response protocols to recognize, contain, and assess any incident followed by remediation and improvement, which includes bolstering best practice awareness among its employees.

The company’s scope of assistance to its clients goes beyond developing recommendations and solutions that fit their budget and cyber security requirements. It strives to aid them in their DX efforts through its proactive services and highly experienced security and privacy experts, enabling Propelex to earn its position as an industry leader today


San Diego, CA

Ammar Fakhruddin, Co-Founder & Partner

Propelex is an industry-agnostic cybersecurity consulting firm that delivers solutions that detect and protect its clients against existent and potential threats. Its experienced employees help strengthen their business resilience against cyber-attacks, guaranteeing that their operations are not disrupted.