Protelo: Reconstructing Business Environment with NetSuite Solutions

Christer Johansson, President
As the adoption of technology in the organizational framework continues to accelerate, CIOs have started facing difficulties in managing systems to mitigate risk, cut costs and contribute to revenue growth. They are under heightened pressure to keep up in today's competitive landscape as the responsibility of choosing the right solutions to improve operational efficiency and increase flexibility rests on them. NetSuite and cloud software platforms free the CIO’s office from the hassles associated with legacy system administration and hardware maintenance. Today, organizations are dependent on the NetSuite platform for rapid visualization of complex business information. “An experienced consultant in software evaluation and implementation is key to ensure successful projects,” says Christer Johansson, President, Protelo. Folsom, CA-based Protelo provides a unique blend of services that provide clients a long-term relationship with a business partner who really becomes part of their team. The foundation of our company is built on long-term relationships. “Ultimately we believe people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. No amount of knowledge or skill can compensate for a lack of genuine care,” remarks Johansson.

Averaging over 15 years of experience, Protelo's consultants and developers assist clients in the evaluation, implementation, configuration and customization of NetSuite solutions. “We provide support, administration and process optimization to ensure organizations get a return on their investment both from NetSuite and from our services,” says Johansson.The return on software investments is compounded by the requirements for agility and speed in today’s evolving and uncertain marketplace. Protelo, an authorized NetSuite Solution Provider, offers a wide range of options to its customers, from new system selection and implementation to current software optimization, integration, and customization.

“Finding the right software is absolutely key for meeting today’s needs, and companies must remember that their software's ability to act as a catalyst for growth and goal attainment is essential for tomorrow’s needs as well,” explains Johansson.Protelo also offers ongoing refreshes or optimizations to deliver the performance and flexibility needed to adapt to rapidly shifting requirements to grow as an organization.
“From evaluation and solution design to customization and final deployment, Protelo’s team is skilled in both the functional and technical aspects of ERP, CRM, and ecommerce software,” claims Johansson.

Finding the right software is absolutely key for meeting today’s needs, but companies must remember that their software's ability to act as a catalyst for growth and goal attainment is essential for tomorrow’s needs as well

Protelo differentiates itself with the skill and size of the company. Consisting of roughly 30 individuals, the company's team caters to the unique needs of every NetSuite customer. "We're set apart because our customers don’t have to climb the ladder of escalation to get to an answer. Direct access is one of our biggest benefits," Johansson adds. "Smaller companies offer personalized service, but a twoman shop can also mean bandwidth or stability issues. The larger systems integrators and consulting firms are focused on big customers and carry big price tags. We believe our size provides the best of both worlds.

"Protelo’s team isn't afraid to ask hard questions or constructively challenge current processes or work flows. “Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all,” says Johansson, quoting Peter Drucker.

"With our innovative customizations and relationships with companies who have built extensions or applications on the NetSuite platform, we eliminate legacy ERP issues in maintenance, reporting, and vendor/ partner management," says Johansson. "Since NetSuite is unified rather than integrated, we can give them a comprehensive view into all areas of the business and a single version of the truth in real time."


Folsom, CA

Christer Johansson, President

Offers clients to evaluate, implement, configure and customize NetSuite