Proxima: Comprehensive Procurement Needs, Covered

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Innovation, growth, cost reduction, risk management—most businesses cite these as core objectives in their quest for competitive advantage. At times these objectives might seem at odds with one another, particularly when considering how a business can be innovative and growth orientated, yet focused on keeping costs and risks well under control. But, a well-designed and operated procurement function can show the way to improved business productivity and outcomes.

In an increasingly agile world, businesses depend more than ever on suppliers, but complex supply chain dynamics and gaps in procurement knowledge pose stiff challenges for stakeholders who want to make fast and informed decisions about what, where, and how to buy. Indeed, most CIOs who want to digitally transform their business are turning to and relying on third-party partners, instead of internal procurement teams, for bankable information on procuring IT. “We solve procurement challenges for our clients with a unique service delivery that is much faster and rewarding than doing it yourself,” states Dan Collings, EVP at Proxima. The unique service brings Proxima’s market expertise and innovative delivery model in-house, giving organizations the type of commercial insights and performance that CIOs previously found hard to find.

Team Proxima is a specialist procurement business, made up of procurement practitioners with in-depth market knowledge, an innovative delivery model, and a full suite of procurement product offerings. As an independent company, they are not part of a BPO or wider consulting or technology firm. This means that they are able to provide completely independent advice, in the best interests of their clients. In addition to delivering a full suite of procurement offerings as a service, they also help clients to build their own high performing procurement functions, operating side by side in a customer intimate approach.

Proxima empowers business leaders in retail, media and entertainment, private equity, travel and hospitality, and manufacturing, among many others, through its well-defined strategy for injecting knowledge and efficiency into procurement. The firm seeks to move beyond tactical procurement practices and align services to the objectives of its clients. Simon Geale, VP Client Solutions at Proxima, mentions that these goals likely differ from business to business. “We calibrate our services to meet the organizational objectives as well as project goals,” adds Geale. In this way, the firm is able to attune to the specific objectives of an initiative and apply in-depth knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome, be it cost reduction, innovation, or something else entirely.

The company has consistently used market knowledge to help businesses become better and, in the process, has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for them.

In one instance, one major household name in the U.S. was unable to run a complex procurement program with its in-house procurement team due to the complexity and sheer scale of the task. At the outset, Proxima built a bespoke team that could bring in specialist skills and capacity as and when required to execute the program. Within 18 months, the client’s goals had been met: simplification, higher quality, a better customer offering, and tens of millions of dollar in cost savings.

We solve the procurement challenges for our clients with a unique service delivery that is much faster and more rewarding

Proxima believes that agility is one of the cornerstones of a future-fit procurement function; a function perfectly aligned with business stakeholders and working to the quality and speed expected by modern businesses, and today’s CIO’s in particular. Working with Proxima creates a best of breed commercial approach; more insightful, more intimate and faster.

The company is a force to reckon in the European procurement services arena and is rapidly growing its footprint in the U.S. With a focus on delivering great procurement and improving the stakeholder experience, Proxima aims to help its clients to achieve a better procurement experience and more value from suppliers. A path toward competitive advantage can start with better procurement.


Chicago, IL

Gareth Evans, CEO

Proxima helps the clients to optimize their external costs, making sure that each $, £, and € is productive and can enhance business performance. As a knowledge aggregator with the specialist delivery engine, the company supports either by delivering entire procurement programs or by working with the in-house team. The company partners with finance to ensure savings that are delivered are real, sustainable, measurable, and signed off by the finance and business stakeholders. Worldwide they have two hundred and fifty procurement specialists helping some of the world's most highly recognized businesses to become better, by delivering or transforming procurement