Proximex, from Tyco Security Products: Enhancing Physical Security with the Latest Information Management Technology

Ken Prayoon Cheng, VP-Engineering
Not long ago, physical security in the defense industry largely meant restricting access to secured locations and material by unauthorized people. Today, however, a variety of physical security systems are being employed to take security beyond eliminating threats to also managing risks such as worker accidents, natural disasters, terrorist threats and infrastructure failures. Due to the complexity of the physical security environment, companies increasingly rely on IT technologies to help them sense and respond to events while complying with rigorous DoD requirements. Proximex, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), delivers solutions to integrate security systems and technology into a centralized command center to improve situational awareness and response.

Proximex is a leading provider of software for managing systems and event information for physical and logical security, also known as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). As the only major PSIM provider that is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and with technology partnerships with leading technology providers such as Cisco, VMware and ESRI, Proximex has leveraged its strong foundation in IT to develop a robust and scalable solution.“Proximex integrates both physical security and IT systems to help security teams manage the flood of information from multiple systems such as video, access control, intrusion, building management and infrastructure monitoring. We bring information together into a single IT-based system that helps operators quickly make sense of incidents in their environment and then guides them in their response,” says Ken Prayoon Cheng, Vice President of Engineering for Proximex.

“We address the major challenges faced by high security facilities, such as monitoring national security threat levels, and implement security operating procedures based on those conditions,” says Cheng. Proximex’s flagship solution, Surveillint, is a software-based system that supports integra¬tions with more than 200 security and information management systems. By providing a comprehensive overview of the entire range of security activities, Surveillint makes it effortless for operators to immediately evaluate and act on potential threats thereby reducing security risks.
The solution has been acclaimed for its ability to integrate information from multiple systems in real time into a single, operator-friendly user interface.

Proximex’s software has been deployed by seaports, airports, utility companies, power generation plants, military facilities, and critical infrastructure providers that require a high-level of scalability and system availability. Surveillint provides greater visibility of all security activity in a real-time single view while its Business Logic Manager helps facilities implement and enforce rules and regulations. Surveillint monitors the health of security devices to report problems before an incident occurs. It also generates the necessary reports for compliance requirements.

We bring information together into a single ITbased system that helps security teams better monitor their environment and improve their incident response

A typical customer may need to manage thousands of alarm points, sensors and surveillance cameras at a monitoring center. Surveillint brings this data into a single platform, automating the process of generating operational and management reports on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. To avoid security breaches that result in terminal evacuations and significant lost revenue, Surveillint with EZ Track lets operators trail subjects across camera views while communicating with available resources to intervene as necessary. Until Surveillint, no solution could meet this unique security requirement for data consolidation, ease of use and reporting.

Going forward, Proximex’s mission is to leverage cloud-computing technology to help customers speed deployments and control infrastructure costs. In addition, Proximex plans to help customers harness the data gathered from subsystems and deploy it across additional channels, such as mobile technology and social media, to improve collaboration and response.


San Jose, CA

Ken Prayoon Cheng, VP-Engineering

A leading provider of information and event management software for physical and logical security systems, also known as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)